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Woman's Day 2015: Hannelie Coetzee at The Awesome Women's Exhibition

Hannelie Coetzee, Naomi Meyer Kuns 2015-08-03

Why did Hannelie Coetzee burn a 5 ha artwork into the grassland?

Interview and programme: Schreiner Festival 2015, Cradock

Lisa Antrobus, Naomi Meyer English 2015-07-23

"It is small and intimate and a fabulous way to meet and mingle with famous writers from all over the world!"

South African Book Fair 2015: Interview with Batya Bricker

Batya Bricker, Naomi Meyer English 2015-07-22

"Book fairs are all about discussion and dialogue, and books are a mirror to society and its issues, so it makes sense that sometimes uncomfortable issues emerge. It is ideal if these can be the impetus for addressing the issues in a meaningful and constructive way."

The SA Book Fair revisits Mandela’s Legacy

LitNet Feeste 2015-07-15

Together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, we at the South African Book Fair 2015 are proud to present “Revisiting Mandela’s Legacy”.

Vrystaat Kunstefees | Arts Festival | Tsa-Botjhaba

Ricardo Peach, Steyn du Toit Feeste 2015-07-14

"As one pages through this year’s theatre and live performance programme options, what emerges is a diverse selection of debut works that point towards Peach’s more contemporary alternative, yet still accessible, vision for the festival's future."

Decolon i sing Wits - an act of epistemic disobedience

Aryan Kaganof, Naomi Meyer English 2015-07-10

"It is hard to decolonise because it is quite difficult to understand what 'colonised' means, especially when you're colonised. For this reason I prefer to think of what happened in this country in terms of kidnapping."

Interview about Cape Rebels at the National Arts Festival

Paul Murray, Tony Jackman Lifestyle and entertainment 2015-06-25

An e-interview between Paul Murray and Tony Jackman about Cape of Rebels, a play which tackles freedom of the press in two different eras of upheaval in South Africa, and to be staged at the National Arts Festival.

Denis Beckett's discussion of eight travel books at the JM Coetzee | Athol Fugard Festival 2015

Denis Beckett English 2015-06-24

"Darryl says I need only comment on why the winner  wins. But when I’ve won competitions I haven’t cared why I won. It’s when I  didn’t that I wanted to know what the judge thought of my entry. So my penance  for taking on this job is I give everyone a comment."

Majozi: "I don't want to be the same as everyone else"

Henry Cloete English 2015-06-04

"I want to be different, and that's always in the back of my mind, and I think a big part of being different or standing out from everyone else is just being yourself. I'm not sure if I get it right all the time, but I try."

Interview: Darrell Roodt on Treurgrond

Darrell Roodt, Danie Marais Film 2015-05-26

Treurgrond is definitely a hot potato. Casting Steve might, as you suggested, give  the (false) impression that this is right-wing propaganda. It is not.

The Franschhoek Literary Festival 2015 and the elephant in the room

Liam Kruger English 2015-05-22

"And for all that the Franschhoek Literary Festival is irredeemably disengaged from the lived reality of much of South Africa ..."

Booktown Richmond: The Third Annual JM Coetzee | Athol Fugard Festival

LitNet Books and writers 2015-05-20

Here is the programme to this year's festival, which takes place from the 28th to the 30th of May 2015.

Jimmy Nevis: "The message is what is most important"

Henry Cloete 2015-04-28

"In the end I did what came naturally to me and that was honesty. I just wrote about what I was feeling and did what I felt I wanted to do ..."

On the Emcee in Cabaret

Charl-Johan Lingenfelder, Naomi Meyer 2015-02-24 "He is omnipresent and to a large extent almost becomes the audience's conscience."

Interview: Santa's Story

Aviva Pelham, Herman Lategan 2015-02-06 Aviva Pelham: "However, nothing can replace the experience of hearing a survivor's story ..."

Ten questions: Daniel Jardim on Retreat – The Joy of Conscious Eating

Daniel Jardim, Naomi Meyer 2015-02-05 "Live lots. Laugh lots. Play with your food."

"What Good is a Song?"

Phil Ndlela 2014-12-15 "If a song has no meaning | if it cannot send you higher | it is not good enough to sing." Phil Ndlela writes a tribute to Marvin Gaye, USA for Africa Project, Peter Tosh and Hugh Masekela.

To whom does a music genre belong?

Rohan Magerman 2014-11-19 "Is it politically accurate to speak of 'white' or 'black' music? Why do we commonly designate hip hop to gangsters, reggae to Rastafarians, gospel to converted Christians, and bubblegum pop to teenage girls?"

The Image of a Pie: Reflections on Open Book 2014

Karina Magdalena Szczurek 2014-09-25 "I should have started shedding tears at the beginning of the event, when the woman who is our national treasure, Sindiwe Magona, noticed that we were only a few people in the audience while the whole of South Africa should have been attending."

Interview: Cape Town Fringe Festival 2014

Ismail Mahomed, Steyn du Toit 2014-09-22 The first-ever Cape Town Fringe Festival takes place from 25 September to 5 October. Steyn du Toit chats to the festival’s artistic director, Ismail Mahomed, about this new initiative, Cape Town as host city, and the benefits for independent artists taking part in the event.