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Open Book Festival 2014: Programme

2014-09-16 Here is the exciting programme of Open Book Festival 2014: 17–21 September 2014 at the Fugard Theatre. 

The Midlands Literary Festival – a veritable feast

Darryl David 2014-08-28 "The crowds left the festival with smiles on their faces. Many who had planned to attend only some of the Saturday sessions drove all the way back to Howick on Sunday as well, some from a fair distance away."

Designer students rock the runway

Chelsea Johnston 2014-08-21 "With a theme of 'self-expression' there was much variety and every outfit stood out as fabulously unique – from shimmering shorts and floral maxis to refined menswear and exquisite bridal gowns."

The Midlands Literary Festival 2014

Darryl David 2014-08-14 The fifth Midlands Literary Festival takes place from the 23–24 August at Yellowwood Cafe in Howick.

National Arts Festival 2014: #omnomnom

Elzette Steenkamp 2014-07-16 "You are what you tweet." Elzette Steenkamp reviews #omnomnom.

Impressions of contemporary South Africa through the theatre of the National Arts Festival 2014

Mike van Graan 2014-07-16 Mike van Graan shares his thoughts on the National Arts Festival in a year that marks 40 years of the festival, but more importantly, 20 years of democracy.

Big Shot at the Cannes Film Festival

Janet van Eeden, Naomi Meyer 2014-07-02 Janet van Eeden's movie A Shot at the Big Time was screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival in May. She tells Naomi Meyer about the film festival and the experience of a lifetime.

Life begins at forty: National Arts Festival 2014

Ismail Mahomed, Naomi Meyer 2014-07-01 The National Arts Festival is 40 years old this year. Ismail Mahomed tells Naomi Meyer why everybody should attend the party.

Coming back home

Tamsyn Lunt 2014-06-04 "St Lucia, I think I speak on behalf of everyone there when I say you are welcome home any time you’d like." 

All the world's a stage

Mike van Graan 2014-05-28  Mike van Graan's opinion on the appointment of Nathi Mthethwa as Minster of Arts and Culture.

Seductive woman

Hennie Smith 2014-05-27 Address by Hennie Smith to open an art exhibition of Mimi van der Merwe: Pretoria Art Association, 2 May 2014.

Interview: Lasers in the Jungle

2014-04-30 "I use the form of the vase to bring together the alluring elements of beauty and blend them together with darker undercurrents of fear and paranoia."

OPENlab 2014

Ricardo Peach, Naomi Meyer 2014-04-28 OPENlab is at the Vryfees in June. Applications close on the 5th of May. But what is OPENlab? Ricardo Peach answers Naomi Meyer's questions. 

National Arts Festival rises to the occasion on its 40th anniversary

2014-04-24 The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, has announced a landmark main programme.

Another Day art exhibition

Melanie Cleary, Naomi Meyer 2014-04-18 Melanie Cleary photographs people on the fringes of society. She tells Naomi Meyer about her exhibition Another Day.

Cape Town roller derby

Reney Warrington 2013-11-25 “These are some pics from a mock up bout that the girls put together at the Rockabilly Festival in Cape Town.”

Milk Train: Sour for some, fresh for others

Lauren Voges 2013-10-18 Milk Train has been described as one of the plays that deal most poignantly, most convincingly, with death. The other play that has achieved this feat is Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Mensehandelbewustheid | Human Trafficking Awareness

Naomi Meyer, Marisa de Lange, Corinne Sandenberg 2013-10-18 Corinne Sandenberg of Stop Trafficking and Marisa de Lange, curator of the Freedom Exhibition, talk to Naomi Meyer about a topic everybody wants to avoid.

In the flesh

Kim Harrisberg 2013-10-02 "Back by popular demand, the Body Worlds exhibition returned to South Africa. Kim Harrisberg went to find out why humans can’t get enough of seeing themselves skinned."

Open Book Festival 2013: The Ghost-Eater and other stories

Monique Mortlock 2013-09-17 "The Ghost-Eater and other stories is a collection of 31 short stories from different writers who all took part in a creative writing workshop at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) with the compiler of the book, Diane Awerbuck, last year."