Chris Heymans

Chris Heymans is ’n vryskutkonsultant wat fokus op institusionele stelsels in beide die openbare en die privaatsektore, met ’n besondere belangstelling in water en sanitasie, plaaslike regering en die verhouding tussen die privaat- en openbare sektore in dienslewering.

Hy was voorheen ’n senior spesialis by die Wêreldbank, die voormalige Britse Departement vir Internasionale Ontwikkeling (DFID) en verskeie privaat-konsultasie firmas in Suid-Afrika en die Verenigde Koninkryk, asook  vir Suid-Afrika se Nasionale Tesourie, die Ontwikkelingsbank van Suidelike Afrika (DBSA) en die eertydse Stedelike Stigting.

Beyond an election about local service delivery

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-05-28

"But suddenly the agenda has become denser and more complex. International issues, bad old South African racial politics, and opportunistic political engineering have all made an appearance. So let’s pinpoint some of the key issues."

Black Economic Empowerment vis-à-vis Sustainable Development Goals: a (mainly) water and sanitation perspective

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-05-14

"Even the water sector reform after the political transition of 1994 has largely stuck to the direct municipal WSS delivery model from the apartheid era. A major difference, though, is that post-apartheid municipalities took on responsibility for service delivery in areas that had never been as well connected and managed as the previous white-only areas. This still hinders the bridging of these gaps."

Can the private sector help solve South Africa’s water crisis?

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-04-17

"Widespread municipal corruption, management failures, poor skills and continual disruptions raise serious questions about the prospects of municipalities or other public bodies sustainably delivering better services. Meanwhile, National Treasury has often cited ineffective grant utilisation by municipalities as a key reason for why water finances have not reached local low-income groups."

Are we heading for a service delivery election? A water and sanitation perspective

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-03-28

"Although water and sanitation service delivery is a local government function in South Africa, it will likely be – like electricity supply – much more prominent in voters’ minds in the upcoming May 2024 national and provincial elections. Voter frustrations about the state of these services recently have boiled over in numerous locations, and may well influence how people vote at national and provincial level."

Durban’s water crisis: far more than pipes and taps at stake

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-02-15

"For months now, the water and sanitation (WSS) unit of eThekwini (Durban) municipality has been in the news for all the wrong reasons."

The good, the bad and the ugly: Scenarios for South Africa’s uncertain future by Ray Hartley, Greg Mills and Mills Soko – a book review

Chris Heymans Books and writers 2024-02-01

"In contrast to the joint engagement in the 1990s of at least the major political protagonists, it is telling that the scenario process on which this book is based seems markedly less rooted in dialogue among political parties."

Iemand het die waterbal "gedrop"

Chris Heymans Menings 2023-12-08

Gedagtes na ’n regeringbestekopname van water en sanitasie in Suid-Afrika: "Ten spyte van sentrale-regering-ondersteuning aan munisipaliteite, dui die Drop-verslae aan dat die volumes en kwaliteit van waterdienste steeds afneem en dat fundamentele hervorming nodig is om die probleme onder die knie te kry."

Wake up, this is Joburg by Tanya Zack and Mark Lewis: a book review

Chris Heymans Books and writers 2023-08-22

"There is rich nuance in Tanya Zack’s flowing, sensitive narrative and Mark Lewis’s striking photography. The stories they tell are deeply human and individualised, yet cleverly interwoven within Johannesburg’s broader racial, social and economic anomalies."

Gaan water soos elektrisiteit word?

Freek Robinson, Chris Heymans Onderhoude 2023-05-31

Suid-Afrika sit skielik met ’n choleraprobleem, en dit ná ons vir baie jare van die skoonste water van alle lande in ons krane gehad het. Freek Robinson gesels met Chris Heymans om te verstaan wat lande soos Indië en Etiopië skynbaar reg doen, maar ons nie.

Water reuse to deal with urban water scarcity – lessons from afar and the Southern African neighbourhood

Chris Heymans Opinion 2018-05-10

"Encouragingly, we can learn from some successful experiences in this field right here on Cape Town’s doorstep. The first is Windhoek, which has been making use of recycled water for some 50 years now, and has become a world leader in this practice."

Cities and water: some lessons from very water-scarce places

Chris Heymans Opinion 2018-03-05

"One lesson is that no amount of investment in water infrastructure, by itself, can root out water shortage. The dramatic growth in Las Vegas’s population and tourism industry over recent decades has stretched the city’s allocation from the Colorado River – which it shares with several states and other cities – as well as its available groundwater reserves. It remains vulnerable, but drastic changes in its approach to water management have helped the city avoid running out of water."

Have Springbok fans moved on at all?

Chris Heymans Opinion 2015-09-02

"The apartheid legacy does still haunt the nation, and seems set to continue doing so for a while."