Chris Heymans

Chris Heymans is a senior water and sanitation specialist at the World Bank in Pretoria. With a governance emphasis, he has worked in urban development, local governance and water and sanitation service delivery in several countries in Africa, the UK and South and East Asia. He has authored and contributed to numerous publications, most recently as lead author of a 2017 World Bank report on “Providing water to poor people in African cities effectively: lessons from utility reforms”.

Water reuse to deal with urban water scarcity – lessons from afar and the Southern African neighbourhood

Chris Heymans Opinion 2018-05-10

"Encouragingly, we can learn from some successful experiences in this field right here on Cape Town’s doorstep. The first is Windhoek, which has been making use of recycled water for some 50 years now, and has become a world leader in this practice."

Cities and water: some lessons from very water-scarce places

Chris Heymans Opinion 2018-03-05

"One lesson is that no amount of investment in water infrastructure, by itself, can root out water shortage. The dramatic growth in Las Vegas’s population and tourism industry over recent decades has stretched the city’s allocation from the Colorado River – which it shares with several states and other cities – as well as its available groundwater reserves. It remains vulnerable, but drastic changes in its approach to water management have helped the city avoid running out of water."

Have Springbok fans moved on at all?

Chris Heymans Opinion 2015-09-02

"The apartheid legacy does still haunt the nation, and seems set to continue doing so for a while."