World Theatre Day 2024: Ignus Rademeyer responds

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World Theatre Day was celebrated on 27 March. Ignus Rademeyer, one of the participants of the LitNet STAND theatre review writing workshop, talks to Naomi Meyer about the significance of the day.

Yesterday was World Theatre Day. What does this mean to you? What do you think it means to the people you know (and to other South Africans)?

World Theatre Day, especially in South Africa, represents a day on which one can reflect on years of authentic storytelling and breaking barriers in a country blessed with diversity and cultural richness. It is also an excuse to dress up and go to your nearest theatre and support our artists – some of the finest in the world.

What is the meaning of live theatre in this modern world? Why even bother with theatre? It is so expensive – why not simply spend money on other things? Is theatre important at all?

If anything, live theatre is resilient! For numerous decades it has always been a concern that theatre will die. However, it always rises and exceeds the expectations of pessimists. Live theatre is not only a transportation of the imagination, but a necessity to challenge your mind and feed the heart. Collect memories, not things!

What do you think about the position of South African theatre? Anything you want to say about productions created, about festivals, anything you’d like to write about regarding this topic? 

South African theatre has always had many challenges, money and budgets being the toughest. However, our country’s artists have learnt to find ways to create sets and pull out stellar performances with only a few weeks of rehearsals and thin budgets. It is truly a testimony to the calibre of the directors and actors this country is blessed with. Imagine what could be done with more time and money! We would probably outplay most other countries’ theatre makers, that’s what!

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