Full particulars: Where in the world is the South?

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David Attwell, Antjie Krog, Elleke Boehmer and Carrol Clarkson (photos provided)

In this second episode of David Attwell’s monthly podcast, Full particulars, David hosts Elleke Boehmer and Carrol Clarkson in discussion of the South as a place of literary imagining. Guest appearance by Antjie Krog.  

Music by Darius Brubeck. "Tugela Rail" published by Valentine Music/SAMRO.     

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  • With regard to your references to indigenous knowledge and oceans as part of the South's literary imagining, it appears essential that one takes note of this entire conversation with Craig Foster six years ago, long before his recent raising of ocean awareness through his "My Octopus Teacher" film.
    Craig's conversation at https://youtu.be/MOHjs5JjlnU contains amongst others (from Minute 14:20 to 16:12) the most amazing descriptions of the abundance of wildlife that the first modern human species were immersed in 70 000 to 200 000 years ago at the southern tip of Africa. But, the entire video is of relevance to your discussion.
    Also, one might revisit Jan Rabie's book "Die seeboek van die sonderkossers", which I last had in my hands during the 1970s.

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    David Attwell

    Thank you, Jean, for engaging with the podcast. Your point that the evolutionary perspective on the south should be part of the conversation is well taken. I've watched the conversation with Craig Foster with real interest.

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    Gisela Coetzee

    Thank you for interesting and important commentary in times needing further enlightenment, all the time.

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