David Attwell

David Attwell works at the University of York in the UK, but he has tough old roots in South Africa. He is currently on leave with a Leverhulme Fellowship, writing a book on Coetzee. He and Derek Attridge have edited The Cambridge History of South African Literature, due for release next month.

Full particulars podcast: Nostalgia for the future – writing crime in a time of state capture

David Attwell, Margie Orford Books and writers 2021-08-25

In this episode of his monthly podcast David Attwell talks to Margie Orford about crime writing and her Clare Hart series of crime novels, which ended with the publication of Water Music in 2013.

The promise by Damon Galgut: a book review

David Attwell Books and writers 2021-08-02

"The promise is a major achievement, fully deserving its place on the Man Booker Prize longlist."

Full particulars: Where in the world is the South?

David Attwell, Antjie Krog, Carrol Clarkson, Elleke Boehmer Books and writers 2021-07-21

In this second episode of David Attwell’s monthly podcast, Full particulars, David hosts Elleke Boehmer and Carrol Clarkson in discussion of the South as a place of literary imagining. Guest appearance by Antjie Krog.  

Full particulars: A podcast on historical fiction – David Attwell in conversation with Zoë Wicomb and Andrew van der Vlies

David Attwell, Zoë Wicomb, Andrew van der Vlies Books and writers 2021-06-23

In this first episode of David Attwell's monthly podcast, Full particulars, David hosts Zoë Wicomb reading from her new novel, Still life (Umuzi, 2020) and discusses historical (meta)fiction with Andrew van der Vlies, professor of English at the University of Adelaide.

David Attwell and Derek Attridge respond to the reviews of The Cambridge History of South African Literature

Derek Attridge, David Attwell 2012-10-18 "It is true that the book is produced in English by a global publisher based in the UK, but how else do we tell the story of South Africa’s literatures to as wide a readership as possible?"