Carrol Clarkson


Carrol Clarkson is professor of Modern Literature, with a special focus on English Literature, at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.

Full particulars: Where in the world is the South?

David Attwell, Antjie Krog, Carrol Clarkson, Elleke Boehmer Books and writers 2021-07-21

In this second episode of David Attwell’s monthly podcast, Full particulars, David hosts Elleke Boehmer and Carrol Clarkson in discussion of the South as a place of literary imagining. Guest appearance by Antjie Krog.  

Carrol Clarkson, Spui25: "Wisselbare Woorde"

Carrol Clarkson NeerlandiNet 2016-07-12

"What strikes me about Ena’s book is its relentless self-questioning of its own modes of, and relationships between: speaking to, and speaking for, and speaking of."

“Dear Derek”: Afterwords to Attridge at 70

Carrol Clarkson, Imke van Heerden English 2015-05-28

"One of your core preoccupations is the ethics of reading, and in writing you an e-mail, this makes me think about what's at stake in the process, of you - so often the writer - becoming my reader; that is to say, this event of 'I-becoming-you'."