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Analysis of sociograms as method to study the efficiency of networked learning in a school-based mathematics subject group

Christa van Staden Academic research 2016-11-29

"The state requires of teachers to learn from one another, but does not provide a method to assess the effectiveness of the learning that happens when teachers learn from one another."

The roles and experiences of grandparents who act as the primary caregivers of their grandchildren

Issie Jacobs, Susan Brink, Vera Roos, Sandra Steyn Academic research 2016-11-29

"According to the grandparents the added financial responsibility has the most profound impact on their role as the primary caregivers of their grandchildren."

Does contemporary South Africa meet the requirements pertaining to the implementation of a developmental state strategy?

Chris Nelson Academic research 2016-11-28

"Although the necessity for implementing a developmental state strategy in South Africa is a view shared by politicians and academic scholars alike, no unanimity exists regarding the viability of this particular strategy."

Coloured families’ experiences of the negative effect of parental alcohol abuse

Estelle van den Berg, Awie Greeff Academic research 2016-11-09

"The negative experiences of coloured families in the Western Cape with regard to alcohol abuse influence various subsystems within the family, as well as the wider community system as a whole."

Failure to comply with the prescribed procedures after filing of a board resolution to commence business rescue proceedings: Is Panamo Properties (Pty) Ltd v Nel the (correct) answer?

Anneli Loubser Academic research 2016-10-28

"The article points out several uncertainties and problems resulting from this judgment and shows that although the court was strongly influenced by its desire to prevent the abuse of business rescue proceedings in this particular case, the judgment has in fact now opened the doors for more and even worse instances of abuse."

Resistance against accommodation for black students by the Potchefstroom University for CHE, 1987 to 1990

Fanie Jansen van Rensburg Academic research 2016-10-28

"The Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE) (henceforth: the university) was the last higher education institution to open up its residences for black students."

Predestination and evangelical spirituality: The “Bekommerd” (“Concerned”) debate

Vincent Brümmer Academic research 2016-10-25

"In the 1930s there was a strong rise of the neo-Calvinism of Abraham Kuyper in South Africa. The neo-Calvinists started to organise themselves into a movement aimed at spreading the neo-Calvinist ideology in South Africa."

The pedagogical value of ecoliterary texts: an application of Adrian Rainbow’s views on an Afrikaans youth novel, a cross-over novel and a picture book for children

Henriëtte Loubser Academic research 2016-10-21

"With this article I investigate the value of ecologically oriented fiction texts in creating environmental awareness, and in environmental education."

The phenomenon of loneliness in Schoenberg’s Erwartung, op. 17

Mike Ford Academic research 2016-10-20

"My study adds loneliness to the discourse on psychoanalysis and music by focusing on this specific aspect of human experience and its musical and textual portrayal in Erwartung."

Carbon tax as proposed environmental fiscal reform measure in South Africa

Michelle Barnard Academic research 2016-10-18

"The aim of this article is to provide a detailed exposition of carbon tax as fiscal environmental reform measure; the historical development of the Draft Carbon Tax Bill, 2015 as well the content of the document as such."

F.V. Engelenburg during the Anglo-Boer War: an overview

Linda Brink Academic research 2016-10-14

"The knowledge and insight about the Boers’ cause that Engelenburg gained during the war in South Africa, as well as in Europe, prepared him for the role he would play after the war in South Africa."

Aesthetic illusion and the ways in which viewer engagement can be induced in a film, with reference to Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

Armand Fourie Academic research 2016-10-04

"What are the ways in which viewer engagement is created and what is the function of aesthetic illusion in the film Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)?"

The religiosity of J.C. Smuts with reference to Holism and evolution

Callie Joubert Academic research 2016-09-28

"Not only did he believe his holism should be laid on the foundation of Plato and the Apostle Paul, he also saw South Africa and other nations of the world as a building of which he was the chief cornerstone."

The careful business rescue practitioner: a search for the proper yardstick

Lézelle Jacobs, Johann Neethling Academic research 2016-09-27

"The article focuses on an in-depth exploration of the objective and subjective elements of such a reasonable practitioner test and considers all the relevant facts and circumstances that will be of importance during business rescue proceedings."

The role of the facilitator in the learning process in order to create a positive attitude towards in-service training of mathematical literacy

Petro van der Merwe, Wynand van der Merwe Academic research 2016-09-15

"The purpose of this study is to develop a participatory strategy for in-service training of teachers in respect of the role and functions of actors at macro-, meso- and microlevel."

Huisgenoot as magazine of its time: a media-historical chronicle of a magazine as evergreen over one hundred years

Lizette Rabe Academic research 2016-09-15

"Indeed, Huisgenoot as an evergreen 'home companion' has not only survived 100 years, but has achieved its success with excellence."

Stereotyping rock climbers: True heroes or seekers of fatal glory?

Handré Brand Academic research 2016-09-07

"The Eiger rock-climbing culture in the 1930s went hand in hand with extreme risks, but it appears that the risks were envisaged and well considered cognitively by the climbers; nonetheless, the climbs still ended traumatically."

An evaluation of the translation of σάρξ (flesh) in the Direkte Vertaling (Direct Translation) and the Afrikaanse Standaard Vertaling (Afrikaans Standard Translation) of the New Testament

Philip du Toit Academic research 2016-09-06

"The translation 'sinful nature' actually lies closer to the Hellenistic idea of a higher nature (spirit) and lower nature (flesh), which should be avoided. In the light of the study it is a question what the function and definition of a direct translation are."

The new section 145(9) of the Labour Relations Act – unique, but welcome

Dawid de Villiers Academic research 2016-09-05

"It is a big step forward to limit the prejudice to employees caused by their employers and will hopefully lead to a speedier resolution of claims in terms of an award which employees have secured as a result of due process."

The boundaries of being human and becoming-insect in Willem Anker’s Samsa-masjien (2015)

Joan-Mari Barendse Academic research 2016-08-25

"Becoming-animal is a return to the flesh that leads to the intertwining of human and non-human animal. It is a condition that is characterised by movement, change, transformation and new possibilities."