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The application of the structured interdict in the South African legal order: a distinctive adjudication process

Neels Swanepoel Academic research 2015-07-15

"This article examines the structural interdict as the appropriate process by which to develop suitable constitutional remedies."

The all-encompassing material dimension of existence: aspects of new materialism in Marié Heese’s Vuurklip

Susan Meyer Academic research 2015-07-07

"Making use of the reading strategies rooted in new materialism, this study of Vuurklip seeks to establish what value or broadening of perspectives may be found in the specific ways landscape is portrayed in the novel."

A multilevel network analysis of the Afrikaans film industry and film actor network (1994-2014)

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2015-07-01

"Apart from studying these macrolevel topological features of the Afrikaans film industry, the article also conducts a node-level analysis using degree, betweenness, closeness and Eigenvector centrality in order to identify the key role players in the Afrikaans film actor network and the Afrikaans film industry as a whole."

Action for wrongful suffering through disability (wrongful life)

Johann Neethling, Johan Potgieter Academic research 2015-06-29

"We submit that the action for wrongful suffering through disability (wrongful life) should indeed be recognised within the sphere of the law of delict, as all the elements of a delict can comfortably be accommodated within the field of application of the action."

The effect of mentoring on art education in primary schools

Georina Westraadt Academic research 2015-06-23

The study on which this article is based researched the effect of an eighteen-month mentoring programme on the art education practice of teachers in primary schools.

Partial description of bacteria in the gastrointestinal track of Haliotis midae, with the focus on potential probiotics

Anneke Postma, Karin Jacobs Academic research 2015-06-18

The aim of this study was to isolate and identify bacteria in the gastrointestinal track of the South African abalone Haliotis midae and to evaluate the isolates' potential as a probiotic based on existing literature.

The basic structure doctrine: a basis for application in South Africa, or a violation of the separation of powers?

Cecile van Schalkwyk Academic research 2015-06-17

In this article it is suggested that there are certain textual and contextual differences between South Africa and India that hinder the application of the doctrine in South African law.