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Considerations for the decolonisation of the related music types of Western and South African art music

Etienne Viviers Academic research 2017-08-08

"My argument then is that any universal outlook on the relevance of specifically Western art music is incompatible with any attempts towards decolonisation, and that this music cannot shed its Eurocentricity without being defended against extinction long before it has undergone any kind of metamorphosis towards decolonisation."

Language awareness as a component of literacy: investigating narrative skills development of grade 3 learners

Irene Brand, Christine Anthonissen Academic research 2017-08-04

"A person who exhibits a good understanding of the rules and conventions of language use, both on a grammatical and on a communicative level, is said to have a well-developed language awareness. This ability extends beyond awareness of a speaker’s own first language to include other languages he/she may know."

A Heideggerian approach of landscape as dwelling in Breyten Breytenbach’s Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan ’n beminde (1993)

Alwyn Roux, Hein Viljoen Academic research 2017-08-04

"Approaching landscape as dwelling is mainly concerned with the activities of mortals which form part of their dwelling on earth."

Imaging and imagining worlds: textual relationality in Wonderboom by Lien Botha

Adéle Nel Academic research 2017-07-27

"Imagination and memory, in addition to temporal experience, are related to nostalgia. Nostalgia, the absolute impossibility to return 'home', where home is the genesis of the self, provides one possible interpretation for the open ending of the story."

High school teachers’ experience of psychological violence in the Free State

Nehemiah Phooko, Helen Meyer, Erika Fourie, Tiaan Kirsten Academic research 2017-07-26

"Despite the high incidence of psychological violence among teachers, the teachers are often reluctant to report psychological violence because, among other things, they fear possible intimidation and harassment at the hands of the perpetrators."

Putative self-defence as a defence in South African criminal law: A critical overview of the uncertain path to Pistorius and beyond

Rinda Botha Academic research 2017-07-26

"In crime-ridden societies such as South Africa it often happens that people genuinely though mistakenly believe that their lives are in danger and that, should they act, they would be acting in self-defence. When these people are then criminally prosecuted and suddenly find themselves in the dock, the only defence available to them is putative self-defence."

The changing meaning of the Voortrekker Monument: heritage gain or heritage loss?

Anton van Vollenhoven Academic research 2017-07-19

"Monuments form part of the cultural heritage of a country, and heritage management implies that a historical site has meaning for the contemporary community."

D.J. Opperman's covenant with God who creates: an interpretation of Heilige beeste and Negester oor Ninevé

Lina Spies Academic research 2017-07-19

"In my investigation into the religious motif in Opperman's poetry in this article I come to the conclusion that in the most important poems in Opperman’s first two volumes of poetry, the God of the Old Testament is revealed as the Creator and Covenant God. Opperman, as a man and poet, gives his own individual meaning to the covenant."

The liturgy of the 1995 Rugby World Cup: a spatial-liturgical reflection through the lens of a social cohesion model

Daléne Flynn Academic research 2017-07-13

"There are moments in history that contribute greatly to the social cohesion of an entire community and even nation. In this article, the author reflects on a specific moment in the history of South Africa that captured the attention of people all over the world as an example of such a contribution."

An overview of the problems concerning the modernisation of the SANDF for participation in multinational peace support operations in Africa

Theo Neethling Academic research 2017-07-11

"This article revisits the reasoning of authoritative defence analysts that a too heavy focus on the primary function of the SANDF has not facilitated or enabled the execution of the secondary or non-traditional tasks – tasks which the SANDF increasingly had to assume as a foreign-policy instrument after 1994."

The influence of self-directed learning readiness level on the acquisition of the technique of touch-typing

Elsie Lubbe Academic research 2017-07-07

"The QWERTY keyboard is used worldwide to key in data on computers. People who possess the technique of touch-typing with regard to keyboard skills are able to key in data much faster."

Power, the state and the church in South Africa

Johann Rossouw Academic research 2017-07-07

"If the church is asked to be aware of power or to focus on its workings, it should be done with great circumspection, lest the church, under the guise of being in tune with the latest and best social theory, ends up giving further legitimacy to a concept that is ultimately its own bastard offspring."

Site-specific digital literature: ensemble and interaction in new contexts

Franci Greyling Academic research 2017-06-29

"In light of the far-reaching impact which mobile and geospatial technology has already had on society in a very short time, creative work that makes use of this technology can provide insight into the evolving relationship between people, technology, literature and space."

The new wrongfulness test: A Trojan horse endangering delictual principles?

Johan Potgieter Academic research 2017-06-28

"The trial judge pointed out that the existence of a legal duty on the part of the school to prevent injury to Jaco and the school’s failure to do so were common cause between the parties and not in dispute."

Titus Matiyane, cartographer and transnational flâneur

Elfriede Dreyer Academic research 2017-06-21

"Matiyane creates a model for global, transnational identity by exceeding his own physical and material limitations and by his deconstruction of the power hierarchies of First and Third World cities."

Caveat magister! The expulsion of boarders from public school hostels due to non-payment of hostel fees

Danie Kloppers, Henk Kloppers Academic research 2017-06-20

"A number of public schools in South Africa indicate on their websites, on application forms and in letters to parents that a learner will be expelled from the school’s hostel if the hostel fees are not paid. In this article the legality of such expulsion is considered."

The use of fiction in the development and presentation of research in the social sciences

Julian Müller, Marguerite Müller Academic research 2017-06-20

"As such, fiction is used to grapple with theory, but also to bring it to life and create a text in which we can explore our understandings, and also look beyond the limits of what we understand."

Environmental discourse in science fiction for children with reference to the Anna Atoom series by Elizabeth Wasserman

Henriëtte Loubser Academic research 2017-06-15

"The value of nature relative to the community is a critical issue. The Anna Atoom series shows the beauty of nature and emphasises the worth of the non-human."

The civil service in the South African Republic under Paul Kruger, 1890 to 1895

Heinie Heydenrych Academic research 2017-06-15

"It is clear that there were serious shortcomings in the civil service of the South African Republic during the early 1890s. Obviously it is the head of state who is ultimately responsible for good governance, which in turn necessitates an efficient civil service."

Performativity as phenomenon in education

Milton van Wyk, Lesley le Grange Academic research 2017-06-05

"Teachers should take responsibility for their professionalism, otherwise there is a danger of their continuing to function merely as technicians of the state or agents of the markets."