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“Enduring foreignness and unfamiliarity.” The implications of Michael Welker’s theology of the Spirit for a theological hermeneutic for strangers

Henco van der Westhuizen Academic research 2017-06-05

"For a long time the separation of South Africans from one another in every conceivable way brought about serious, disconcerting challenges. Due to numerous divisive measures over many years, people became alienated, estranged from one another, in a variety of ways."

A comparative study of the standardisation of the development of school leadership in the USA and South Africa

Clarence Williams Academic research 2017-05-31

"Although not beyond criticism, the ISLLC model provides a possible solution for the South African attempt to standardise leadership development in schools."

The role of Stellenbosch University’s Department of Afrikaans and Dutch in the development of Afrikaans lexicography through its involvement in the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language)

Gerda Odendaal Academic research 2017-05-30

"Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is the WAT’s role in recording the Afrikaans lexicon in its widest sense. This includes lexical items from spoken as well as written Afrikaans, regionalism, idioms, as well as loan words from Khoi, Malay, Arabic and English."

The yoke of asceticism: Slaves in monasteries and monastic households in the Commentarii de beatis orientalibus of the missionary John of Ephesus

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2017-05-23

"We find that monks and monasteries are indeed allowed to own slaves, but not in the large numbers and for the same purposes as the rich, who are criticised for their style of slaveholding."

Strangeness as opportunity: Some thoughts on the hermeneutical potential of an uncomfortable concept

Bernard Lategan Academic research 2017-05-18

"Instead of domesticating the stranger and trying to absorb the other into the world of the self, otherness must be allowed to retain its integrity and to do so in all its sharpness."

Beauty and the beast: An investigation of the usefulness of online mediation in family disputes in South Africa

Amanda Boniface, Andreas Velthuizen Academic research 2017-05-18

"The existing forms of mediation in communities, such as the traditional community-based mediators who work in community centres, must be expanded to enable community mediators to mediate in family disputes in accordance with traditional mediators."

Exploratory, fictitious worlds: the unlocking of the Willem Boshoff Archive

Josef van Wyk, Suzanne de Villiers-Human, Dirk van den Berg Academic research 2017-05-12

"Willem Boshoff’s archive is a unique example of experimental and conceptual archiving and imaginative, digital curating which involves a disciplined, thorough, systematic approach, but which is at the same time alternative, creative, open, playful, informative, performative, artistic and sensory."

Role conflict in married male educators early in the 21st century

Deon Vos, Philip C van der Westhuizen Academic research 2017-05-11

"The man still fulfils a variety of roles outside the home, including the following: he stands in a career with various roles posing challenges; he needs to develop his career; he needs to generate an income; and it is expected from him to fulfil various roles in the community and society."

Guidelines for the promotion of the well-being of South African psychologists

Erika Hitge, Izanette van Schalkwyk Academic research 2017-05-10

"Psychologists work long and inconvenient hours, have an unstable income when working in private practice, work with difficult cases such as homicide and suicide and are frequently faced with clients’ exhausted medical aids."

A neuroscientific view of the reading process

Ansie Lessing, Marike W de Witt Academic research 2017-05-10

"Reading skills imply decoding or recognising the written word by means of the merging of the sounds – an action requiring not only certain prerequisites, but also an action where a number of perceptual and cognitive skills are used to gain understanding of the concept."

The nature of ecclesiastical authority in W.D. Jonker’s reflections on church polity

Gert Duursema Academic research 2017-05-10

"Again he pointed out the dangers of bestowing centralised power and authority on a small group of people. Once again he also voiced his aversion to the fallacy of a national church, which had led to the Dutch Reformed Church’s establishing separate churches for separate population groups."

Exploring language variation in the Afrikaans tabloids Son and Sondag

Elvis Saal Academic research 2017-04-13

"Writers of tabloids do not attempt to integrate all the features of the relevant social dialect of the target reader, but in their stylisation focus on those distinctive features that the reader could easily recognise and identify with."

Does Onderwêreld by Fanie Viljoen meet the norms of a successful prescribed work for Grade 12 Afrikaans Home Language learners?

Elize Vos Academic research 2017-03-28

"It can be concluded that the choice of a prescribed book poses several challenges and the successful selection of such a book holds benefits for both the learner and the promotion of reading."

Practices pertaining to visual representation in an Afrikaans home language textbook series after apartheid

Alta Engelbrecht Academic research 2017-03-16

"The importance of identifying stereotyping and inequality in school textbooks has again been brought to the foreground by the minister’s recent call for investigating prejudice and inequality in South African textbooks."

The role of a multilingual cell phone LSP (language for specific purposes) dictionary in the development of concept literacy for economic and management sciences education students

Carina America, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2017-03-02

"Technology provides the opportunity to develop academic vocabulary for students because of its accessibility and the wide range of applications, which can assist learners in their studies."

Personal amplification for a teacher with voice problems

Salomé Geertsema, Mia le Roux Academic research 2017-03-02

"A large portion of the South African population depends on this optimal use of voice for their occupations. Voice problems for the professional voice user in particular therefore impact negatively on their livelihood."

Restorative justice in cases of sexual offences and the judgments of the Supreme Court of Appeal in DPP v Thabethe and Seedat v S

Danie Kloppers, Henk Kloppers Academic research 2017-02-17

"[R]estorative justice processes should be used, albeit with the necessary caution in cases of sexual offences, conceding that training and a change of perspective are still necessary."

Predestination and evangelical spirituality: Neo-Calvinism in South Africa

Vincent Brümmer Academic research 2017-02-16

"Since Calvinism is in principle free from domination by the state or the church as institution, it can develop into various denominational forms differing in their degree of purity."

The statistical properties of written Afrikaans as a complex network

Burgert A Senekal, Eduan Kotzé Academic research 2017-02-09

"When language is studied as a complex network, statistical methods developed mainly from physics since the late 1990s are used to measure the similarities and differences between languages and between languages and other complex networks, such as protein-protein interaction networks, social networks, neural networks and power grids."