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An analysis of legislation and existing programmes and services for street children in South Africa

Elzahne Simeon, Alida Herbst, Herman Strydom Academic research 2018-04-12

"Cooperation between all the organisations involved in working with street children is not always coordinated and streamlined, which hinders the endeavours towards the best interest of street children."

Self, religion and homeostasis: A neurotheoretical exploration of early Buddhism

Sandra Troskie Academic research 2018-04-11

"The history of early Buddhism provides historical support for the structural relationship the cognitive neurosciences have identified between the self, religion and homeostasis."

The South African legal framework applicable to the production and sale of raw milk intended for direct consumption purposes

Anél Gildenhuys, Tlapeng Tabane Academic research 2018-04-05

"There is a growing trend worldwide among consumers to prefer 'natural products' like raw milk due to their alleged health benefits. It is argued that the heat applied to milk during the treatment process destroys its nutritional quality and health benefits."

The application of a communicative model for text analysis in order to create an aesthetic translation of St John of the Cross’s poem "Noche oscura"

Dietloff van der Berg Academic research 2018-03-28

"The view is held that a basic communicative model for text analysis is essential for translating. It should be a top-down approach, i.e. starting from the whole text working down to the smallest element."

Support strategies for behavioural competency of foundation phase learners with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Ronel Wiese, Linda Bosman, Judy van Heerden, Ina Joubert Academic research 2018-03-27

"Teachers can implement suitable support strategies identified in this study in their teaching methods and initiate programmes at their schools to support competent behaviour of learners with ADHD."

Literature and law in the medieval epic Vanden vos Reynaerde with specific reference to the South African legal system

Jan Stander, Nerina Bosman Academic research 2018-03-22

"What similarities and differences can be pointed out between the court proceedings in the Reynard epic and aspects of the modern South African legal system?"

Gender construction of female protagonists in recent Afrikaans youth novels

Isabella Geldenhuys, Johan Anker Academic research 2018-03-14

"While reading YAL the reader is confronted with implicit social, political and cultural norms, power structures, stereotypes and sexism which form part of their world and could have an influence in forming their identity and gender roles."

Andrew Murray and the debate on miracles

Vincent Brümmer Academic research 2018-03-08

"Murray defended the credibility of the biblical miracle narratives, whereas the modernists rejected it. This debate is interesting because of its implications not only for the nature of miracles but also for the nature of belief in miracles as well as the nature of religious belief in general."

Belief in witchcraft – a legitimate defence in the criminal court, or hocus-pocusing the law?

Rinda Botha Academic research 2018-03-01

"If belief in witchcraft were to lose its extenuating effect also, this would imply that the South African criminal justice system does not accommodate such a belief in any way, shape or form, which seems somewhat careless and ill-considered in an African context, where belief in witchcraft shows no sign of disappearing in the foreseeable future."

Adult basic education as an antidote for violence against women and children

Danie Kloppers, Geesje van den Berg Academic research 2018-03-01

"Turning to possible solutions to this epidemic of violence, the participants agreed that education is an important vehicle, although some also referred to more severe punishment and a change in the social culture."

Albert Camus: Existentialism, the Afrikaans world, and the task of the connected intellectual

Pieter Duvenage Academic research 2018-02-27

"Albert Camus (1913–1960) was a thinker whose thinking is still haunting and troubling us. In this contribution the focus is not only on his international career, but his thinking is also contextualised with reference to the Afrikaans and South African world."

The Lacanian Real and horror films: The commodification of the Real? Some notes on the “torture porn” genre

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2018-02-22

"As one of the most important flagships of the torture porn genre, and despite its very low critical appreciation, the Saw film franchise still managed to garner huge amounts of income at the box office, showing the divergence between critical and popular opinion."

The Lacanian Real and horror films: Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook (2014)

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2018-02-22

"If the Real can be consciously used in this genre as a way to prompt certain responses of fear or disgust from viewers, does this not mean that the Real becomes nothing more than a codified element of horror films which is subsequently exploited as a genre commodity?"

Morality and controversial matters in youth literature: a perspective on Onderwêreld by Fanie Viljoen

Elize Vos Academic research 2018-02-13

"Teachers should raise intellectual discussions and debates with the learners on these matters in the controlled classroom environment. The therapeutic value hidden in this type of youth literature is enhanced by discussing the causes and consequences of, and possible solutions to, such matters."

An evaluation of several aspects impacting on the prerogative not to promote employees

Judith Geldenhuys Academic research 2018-02-02

"The court appears to recognise only one type of promotion, namely competitive promotion, where the internal candidate must compete with persons from outside the workplace for what would be a promotion for him or her."

From housecoat to security uniform: the depiction of several pieces of clothing in the prose of Marlene van Niekerk

Marius Crous Academic research 2018-01-25

"Fashion marks a particular character as being part of a particular culture or historical period, or creates a particular persona who adheres to the dictums of a particular peer group when it comes to the choice of clothes."

Approaches to curriculum design of the South African school curricula: a critical perspective on the curricula for Afrikaans (Home Language)

Ronel van Oort Academic research 2018-01-11

"Changes in school curricula are taking place across the world to meet international and national demands, to meet social needs, and to comply with socio-political, socio-economic and technological changes. School curricula are not neutral, seeing that they develop in certain socio-political and socio-economic periods."

Place attachment in town planning: a literature review and proposals for Afrikaans terminology

Tarina Jordaan Academic research 2017-12-21

"Therefore, place is not only a physical manifestation, but an intricate part of what it means to be human – the physical environment cannot be separated from the affective side of being human."

Religious institutions and the review jurisdiction of the courts

Helena van Coller Academic research 2017-12-21

"In relation to the applicability of administrative law principles, the South African courts have always been willing to review not only the actions of public bodies but also the decisions of private entities. Judicial review was often limited to the rules of natural justice, particularly in the context of religious institutions."

A classicist’s analysis of the verse drama Germanicus by the Afrikaans poet N.P. Van Wyk Louw as a portrayal of power and powerlessness

Jo-Marie Claassen Academic research 2017-12-20

"The author concludes that the drama is both contemporary and timeless: Louw’s ideas about power and powerlessness are as much applicable to the present South African political scene (and that of the world) as it was to the political circumstances of his own era."