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The religiosity of J.C. Smuts with reference to Holism and evolution

Callie Joubert Academic research 2016-09-28

"Not only did he believe his holism should be laid on the foundation of Plato and the Apostle Paul, he also saw South Africa and other nations of the world as a building of which he was the chief cornerstone."

The careful business rescue practitioner: a search for the proper yardstick

Lézelle Jacobs, Johann Neethling Academic research 2016-09-27

"The article focuses on an in-depth exploration of the objective and subjective elements of such a reasonable practitioner test and considers all the relevant facts and circumstances that will be of importance during business rescue proceedings."

The role of the facilitator in the learning process in order to create a positive attitude towards in-service training of mathematical literacy

Petro van der Merwe, Wynand van der Merwe Academic research 2016-09-15

"The purpose of this study is to develop a participatory strategy for in-service training of teachers in respect of the role and functions of actors at macro-, meso- and microlevel."

Huisgenoot as magazine of its time: a media-historical chronicle of a magazine as evergreen over one hundred years

Lizette Rabe Academic research 2016-09-15

"Indeed, Huisgenoot as an evergreen 'home companion' has not only survived 100 years, but has achieved its success with excellence."

Stereotyping rock climbers: True heroes or seekers of fatal glory?

Handré Brand Academic research 2016-09-07

"The Eiger rock-climbing culture in the 1930s went hand in hand with extreme risks, but it appears that the risks were envisaged and well considered cognitively by the climbers; nonetheless, the climbs still ended traumatically."

An evaluation of the translation of σάρξ (flesh) in the Direkte Vertaling (Direct Translation) and the Afrikaanse Standaard Vertaling (Afrikaans Standard Translation) of the New Testament

Philip du Toit Academic research 2016-09-06

"The translation 'sinful nature' actually lies closer to the Hellenistic idea of a higher nature (spirit) and lower nature (flesh), which should be avoided. In the light of the study it is a question what the function and definition of a direct translation are."

The new section 145(9) of the Labour Relations Act – unique, but welcome

Dawid de Villiers Academic research 2016-09-05

"It is a big step forward to limit the prejudice to employees caused by their employers and will hopefully lead to a speedier resolution of claims in terms of an award which employees have secured as a result of due process."

The boundaries of being human and becoming-insect in Willem Anker’s Samsa-masjien (2015)

Joan-Mari Barendse Academic research 2016-08-25

"Becoming-animal is a return to the flesh that leads to the intertwining of human and non-human animal. It is a condition that is characterised by movement, change, transformation and new possibilities."

The woman, pregnancy, and the animal in the short story “Katvoet” by Riana Scheepers: a phenomenological study

Carien Smith Academic research 2016-08-17

"This research provides a new perspective on the phenomenon of the body, bodily ownership, woman, the experience of pregnancy and the experience of the woman’s pregnant body, and is significant in Afrikaans literature."

The balance between clinical legal education and access to justice per se in a law clinic – a delicate tightrope

Marc Welgemoed Academic research 2016-08-17

"The argument forming the basis of this article is that law students must undergo training while they are in the process of providing access to justice to members of the public."

The disclosure of the identities of anonymous minors upon the age of majority: clean slate or dismal fate?

Abraham Hamman, Windell Nortje Academic research 2016-08-15

"If a person such as the Griquatown boy is convicted of a crime, he must be punished. But this does not mean that such a person should walk around with the mark of Cain for the rest of his life."

An interpretivist perspective on theodicy and hell

Ockie Vermeulen Academic research 2016-08-02

"Ultimately pain, suffering and evil are part of existence in this hell. However, this is not necessarily a pessimistic outlook on life. Humans have hope to be redeemed from this hell and live in the hope of transformation."

Experience of a few adolescent boys regarding the death of a parent and the consequent support to them

Jennobia Kock, Ansie Lessing Academic research 2016-08-02

"The boys indicated that the death of their mothers had a life-changing effect on them."

Mimesis as conceptualised by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe: Horrelpoot by Eben Venter as reimagining of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of darkness

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2016-07-27

"Venter’s novel can be considered as a reimagining of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of darkness and therefore facilitates, in its intertextual referencing, a mimetic relation to Conrad’s original work."

Teacher motivation as the intertwining of social capital, teacher goals and applicable motivational theories

Hettie van der Merwe Academic research 2016-07-22

"This article focuses on teacher motivation as an intertwining of social capital, teacher goals and applicable motivational theories."

From Calvinism to Romanticism: The influence of the Bible on the oeuvre of Hennie Aucamp

Lina Spies Academic research 2016-07-22

"Hennie Aucamp’s prose, especially his stories about the connectedness of people to the environment and culture of the Stormberge, was influenced by the Bible. Aucamp’s break with Calvinism was, however, needed in order for his authorship to develop fully and to become so versatile."

Equal chances of political parties

Loammi Wolf Academic research 2016-07-20

"This article focuses on three aspects that affect equal chances for political parties to garner voter support in free and fair elections."

Can yesterday become better? In conversation with Jörn Rüsen on dealing with a problematic past

Bernard Lategan Academic research 2016-07-07

"Historical understanding inevitably leads to action – the past thus becomes what he calls 'handlungszielkompatibel', that is, guiding one’s actions in a goal-oriented way."

The development of a restorative justice programme as innovative approach to address challenging learner behaviour in South African schools

Erna Liebenberg, Johnnie Hay, Roelf Reyneke Academic research 2016-07-06

"According to the literature, the punitive approaches that are predominantly being used in schools today are inadequate for solving the escalating problems with regard to discipline and for fostering responsible behaviour in learners."

Fragmentology, the new manuscript study – with reference to manuscript fragments in South Africa

Carol Steyn Academic research 2016-07-06

"I found that many of the fragments I studied contained valuable information about the origin of early liturgical chant."