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Does Onderwêreld by Fanie Viljoen meet the norms of a successful prescribed work for Grade 12 Afrikaans Home Language learners?

Elize Vos Academic research 2017-03-28

"It can be concluded that the choice of a prescribed book poses several challenges and the successful selection of such a book holds benefits for both the learner and the promotion of reading."

Practices pertaining to visual representation in an Afrikaans home language textbook series after apartheid

Alta Engelbrecht Academic research 2017-03-16

"The importance of identifying stereotyping and inequality in school textbooks has again been brought to the foreground by the minister’s recent call for investigating prejudice and inequality in South African textbooks."

The role of a multilingual cell phone LSP (language for specific purposes) dictionary in the development of concept literacy for economic and management sciences education students

Carina America, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2017-03-02

"Technology provides the opportunity to develop academic vocabulary for students because of its accessibility and the wide range of applications, which can assist learners in their studies."

Personal amplification for a teacher with voice problems

Salomé Geertsema, Mia le Roux Academic research 2017-03-02

"A large portion of the South African population depends on this optimal use of voice for their occupations. Voice problems for the professional voice user in particular therefore impact negatively on their livelihood."

Restorative justice in cases of sexual offences and the judgments of the Supreme Court of Appeal in DPP v Thabethe and Seedat v S

Danie Kloppers, Henk Kloppers Academic research 2017-02-17

"[R]estorative justice processes should be used, albeit with the necessary caution in cases of sexual offences, conceding that training and a change of perspective are still necessary."

Predestination and evangelical spirituality: Neo-Calvinism in South Africa

Vincent Brümmer Academic research 2017-02-16

"Since Calvinism is in principle free from domination by the state or the church as institution, it can develop into various denominational forms differing in their degree of purity."

The statistical properties of written Afrikaans as a complex network

Burgert A Senekal, Eduan Kotzé Academic research 2017-02-09

"When language is studied as a complex network, statistical methods developed mainly from physics since the late 1990s are used to measure the similarities and differences between languages and between languages and other complex networks, such as protein-protein interaction networks, social networks, neural networks and power grids."

Plant-people relationships in Die sideboard by Simon Bruinders

Susan Meyer Academic research 2017-01-31

The influence of plants as portrayed in Die sideboard involves a form of positive contribution to Abraham’s (and later his whole family’s) life and well-being, on a psychological level as much as regarding their physical needs.

The (unfounded) basis of the classification and operation of liens in South African law

Mitzi Wiese Academic research 2017-01-26

"The conclusion is that the court erred when it held that the builder concerned had an enrichment lien, which gave him preference over the bank’s claim."

Compensation orders in criminal proceedings – a fresh perspective

Abraham Hamman, Windell Nortje Academic research 2017-01-23

"Victims in criminal proceedings are more often than not placed in a disadvantaged position as their requests for compensation are frequently disregarded by the courts."

The role of food and eating habits in the ascetical spirituality of Basil of Caesarea, Evagrius of Pontus and John Chrysostom

Artemisa C Rodrigues Academic research 2017-01-20

"Fasting and responsible eating habits are then no longer self-centred spiritual practices, but a form of outreach that is based on empathy with the hungry and the needy."

The learning practice formation of rural working class learners based on their funds of knowledge

Henry Fillies, Aslam Fataar Academic research 2017-01-10

"Based on the research for this article we suggest that young people from impoverished backgrounds are productive and creative learners who deploy a range of social and knowledge-informed strategies to establish viable learning paths."

A theological-ethical investigation of the influence of Christian mission on moral values in South Africa

Pieter Verster Academic research 2016-12-14

"The question to be posed is, if it is indeed not in God's law that God determines the relationship with humans in its moral orientation, where should it be?"

The orthographic realisation of compounds with and derivations of multiword proper nouns

Gerhard van Huyssteen Academic research 2016-12-13

From the corpus study it appears as if the orthographic integrity of multiword proper nouns is mostly preserved in these kinds of morphological constructions.

Imitated Black Afrikaans: context and perceptions of the alternative use of Black Afrikaans

Ansie Maritz, Jako Olivier Academic research 2016-12-13

"Perceptions surrounding Black Afrikaans have an influence on the time and place speakers are comfortable using Imitated Black Afrikaans or not, and the overall, general context determines the perceptions surrounding Imitated Black Afrikaans."

Innovation in the study of religion and religions

Johan Strijdom Academic research 2016-12-07

"The article addresses the fundamental question not only of the meaning of innovation, but also of ways in which we may produce new knowledge in a field that studies human beings and religion as a powerful force in our world."

The practice of humiliation: slavery and Christian asceticism in late ancient Syria

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2016-12-06

"It seems that some monks may have sought out physical enslavement as a test of their calling and proof of their obedience."

Roland Barthes and the significance of autonomy for the modern author

Charl-Pierre Naudé Academic research 2016-11-30

"The consequently ambiguous status of the postmodern (late modern) author is touched on: how this construct has come to outstrip its condition of freedom and paradoxically now faces the disintegration of its most important property, namely autonomy."

S v Pistorius: Open justice, media coverage of court proceedings and the elephant in the room

Deon Erasmus Academic research 2016-11-30

"The media argue that they have the duty to provide members of the public with information, which in turn will educate members of the public about the judicial process and promote the principle of open justice."