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Ecocriticism and specifically urban ecocriticism as lens for reading seven poems set in Johannesburg

Corné Coetzee Academic research 2015-09-22

"The article deals with Johannesburg as an environment and how it affects and is affected by its inhabitants."

Time in our time: On theology and future-oriented memory

Robert Vosloo Academic research 2015-09-09

"This article investigates the possible contours and promise of a theology of future-oriented memory as part of the search for a responsible and constructive engagement with the past."

Learning talk in mentoring interactions – a study of the interactional nature of learning

Gert van der Westhuizen Academic research 2015-09-09

T"his article is an inquiry into the interactional nature of learning, and focuses on the ways in which participants in mentor settings use their talk for purposes of learning."

That which cannot be cured by dreams: can consent to injury still exclude liability for sports injuries?

Steve Cornelius Academic research 2015-09-09

"Sports federations should do more to promote the safety of players so that they can avoid claims by retired or current players. Some sports federations, such as Athletics South Africa and the National Football League in the USA, have already felt the brunt of such claims. It is time that all sporting codes got their houses in order."

Brokenness and violence: some examples of recent South African art

Jeanne Joubert Academic research 2015-09-03

This is a continuation of a previous article, which focuses on ways in which representations of a radical human brokenness can deepen and enrich relationships between art and religion.

Towards a more open and “pragmatic” reading of Romans 13:1–7?

Bernard Lategan Academic research 2015-09-01

"Romans 13:1–7 is a controversial text which continues to generate a wide spectrum of pro- and contra-readings. The passage raises (among others) questions regarding power and the origin of power, church and state, submission to authorities, civil disobedience and the pursuit of the common good."

Paul Ricoeur’s notion of transcendence in relation to time and narrative

Anné Hendrik Verhoef, Willie van der Merwe Academic research 2015-08-26

"Ricoeur’s understanding of the narrative structure of human temporality involves a dialectical notion of the transcendence of time, a notion beyond customary dichotomies between transcendence and immanence."

A closer look at the new affordability assessment regulations in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005

Stéfan Renke Academic research 2015-08-25

"Credit providers are still free to use their own evaluative mechanisms etcetera, subject thereto that a fair and objective assessment is conducted. However, there is now the additional requirement that such mechanisms etcetera must not be inconsistent with the affordability assessment regulations made by the minister"

“Making columns” à la “rich, richer, Rykie” – Rykie van Reenen and some markers for blogger-columnists

Lizette Rabe Academic research 2015-08-20

This article sets out to map certain elements of columns as a guide for the blogosphere’s columnists, i.e., bloggers, by attempting to identify the elements that made legendary and virtuoso Afrikaans journalist Rykie van Reenen (1923–2003) stand out as a top columnist – or a person “making columns” (Van Reenen 1954), as she herself referred to column writing – as it attempts to lay down some markers for a current generation of blogger-columnists and what they can learn from the work of a columnist of a bygone era.

The parol evidence rule: Universal partnerships and the marriage out of community of property with the exclusion of profit and loss and accrual

Neil van Schalkwyk Academic research 2015-08-12

A complete universal partnership agreement concluded after the marriage ceremony is always invalid, because its effect changes the matrimonial property system informally. A commercial universal partnership agreement is enforceable and valid unless the written antenuptial contract prohibits it.

The "assassin" and the "patriot": Hendrik van den Bergh, John Vorster, John Harris and the Johannesburg station bomb, 24 July 1964

Kobus du Pisani Academic research 2015-08-05

"In this article historical criticism is used to prove beyond doubt that the allegations against Van den Bergh and Vorster are false."

A critical investigation of the function of biomusicological elements in Wilken Calitz’s 2092: God van Klank (2092: God of Sound)

Joan-Mari Barendse Academic research 2015-07-30

"The biological evolutionary framework evoked in the play, with music as an inherent trait of humans, is undermined by the premise that the ability to make music can be completely suppressed in a society and can somehow vanish from the genetic make-up of humans. In Calitz’s dystopia there is no hope and music eventually have no power."

Adultery as actionable ground of action

Johann Neethling Academic research 2015-07-21

"One can accept that since adultery is no longer wrongful, the interdict would also not be at the disposal of the innocent spouse, as wrongfulness is a requirement for the interdict."

It’s only a film: Bernard Stiegler’s techno-theological cinematic faith

Johann Rossouw Academic research 2015-07-15

In this article the broad argument of Bernard Stiegler’s main third book, volume three of his Technics and Time-trilogy (1994, 1998, 2001), translated into English as Cinematic time and the question of malaise, is analysed.

The application of the structured interdict in the South African legal order: a distinctive adjudication process

Neels Swanepoel Academic research 2015-07-15

"This article examines the structural interdict as the appropriate process by which to develop suitable constitutional remedies."

The all-encompassing material dimension of existence: aspects of new materialism in Marié Heese’s Vuurklip

Susan Meyer Academic research 2015-07-07

"Making use of the reading strategies rooted in new materialism, this study of Vuurklip seeks to establish what value or broadening of perspectives may be found in the specific ways landscape is portrayed in the novel."

A multilevel network analysis of the Afrikaans film industry and film actor network (1994-2014)

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2015-07-01

"Apart from studying these macrolevel topological features of the Afrikaans film industry, the article also conducts a node-level analysis using degree, betweenness, closeness and Eigenvector centrality in order to identify the key role players in the Afrikaans film actor network and the Afrikaans film industry as a whole."

Action for wrongful suffering through disability (wrongful life)

Johann Neethling, Johan Potgieter Academic research 2015-06-29

"We submit that the action for wrongful suffering through disability (wrongful life) should indeed be recognised within the sphere of the law of delict, as all the elements of a delict can comfortably be accommodated within the field of application of the action."

The effect of mentoring on art education in primary schools

Georina Westraadt Academic research 2015-06-23

The study on which this article is based researched the effect of an eighteen-month mentoring programme on the art education practice of teachers in primary schools.

Partial description of bacteria in the gastrointestinal track of Haliotis midae, with the focus on potential probiotics

Anneke Postma, Karin Jacobs Academic research 2015-06-18

The aim of this study was to isolate and identify bacteria in the gastrointestinal track of the South African abalone Haliotis midae and to evaluate the isolates' potential as a probiotic based on existing literature.