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Evoked meaning in literary translation: Translating dialect and register in Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena by Elsa Joubert

Maricel Botha Academic research 2016-02-05

"Joubert does employ foreignising strategies to a degree (especially in the retention of foreign words); however, overt translation is not carried out consistently and its effects are adversely affected, or even negated, by the formality and literary quality of the English translation."

Judicial and legislative responses to sexual crimes committed by and against children and the potential use of restorative justice practices

Rushiella Songca, Michelle Gail Karels Academic research 2016-02-02

"We argue that formalised restorative justice, practised in communities and implemented by courts, can take over where punitive justice leaves off, and contribute a more effective solution to the challenge of sexual crimes in South Africa."

Depolarisation of teaching and research, reflection through action research at a traditional university

Linda du Plessis Academic research 2016-02-02

"It is important to shift the focus from a result-oriented approach to teaching and learning, to a professional approach which leads to deeper insights within a discipline."

Letters to a diva: the concealment of gay identity in Gordon Jephtas's letters to May Abrahamse

Hilde Roos Academic research 2016-01-28

"Apart from his work with a string of international operatic stars, many aspects of Jephtas’s letters comment on salient issues of the human condition that go beyond the disciplinary boundaries of opera as a format in and for itself, or what may be deemed a “successful career” or a musician who “made it” abroad."

Paul Kruger and the press in the ZAR, 1890–1895

Heinie Heydenrych Academic research 2016-01-26

"Kruger obviously regarded the government’s right to govern and the independence and very existence of the state as one and the same thing. That is why he virtually saw strong opposition to and criticism of the government as treason against the Republic."

The sober mysticism of Andrew Murray

Pieter GR de Villiers Academic research 2015-12-29

"This revisionist reading of Murray confirms the significant place of mysticism in the Afrikaansspeaking communities of faith in South Africa."

A process evaluation of a traffic offences assignment

Carel van Wyk, Mariëtte Joubert Academic research 2015-12-21

"The traffic offences diversion programme was developed to bring offenders to an understanding that their traffic offence is not only a criminal offence, but may lead to the death or serious injury of themselves, passengers and other people."

“Do not call me ‘jy’ and ‘jou’”. The use of u as an Afrikaans form of address in the 21st century. Results of a pilot study

Nerina Bosman, Annél Otto Academic research 2015-12-18

"In this article, the current usage of Afrikaans forms of address is discussed by focusing on the results of a quantitative study regarding the use of the formal pronoun u."

Discharge of the accused at the close of the case for the prosecution: Public opinion and the right to a fair trial in terms of the accusatorial system of criminal procedure

Deon Erasmus Academic research 2015-12-15

"It is concluded that although public opinion plays a role during the interpretation of the Constitution and the application of the law of criminal procedure, public opinion remains subservient to the long-term values which the Constitution endeavours to foster and protect."

Protreptic and paraenetic: perspectives on the transition in book 10 of Augustine’s Confessions

Annemaré Kotzé Academic research 2015-12-14

"The article forms part of a bigger project on the nature of exhortative texts as well as an endeavour to arrive at a nuanced description of the exhortative characteristics of Augustine’s Confessions."

Sense of place, emplacement and bioregionality in an artist’s book installation, Mooirivier: weerspieëling en weerklank (“Mooi River: reflection and echo”)

Franci Greyling Academic research 2015-12-14

"This article discusses a practice-based research project: an artist’s book installation, with the Mooi River in the Potchefstroom environment as a theme."

A critical comparison between the views of Basil of Caesarea, John Chrysostom and Ambrosiaster on the treatment of slaves

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2015-12-09

"This article compares the views of the church fathers Basil of Caesarea, John Chrysostom and Ambrosiaster on the treatment of slaves."

Human rights, the environment and environmental constitutionalism

Louis Kotzé Academic research 2015-12-08

"The gradual rise of environmental constitutionalism in scholarly debates suggests a deliberate, albeit (still) hesitant attempt to view anew the human rights-environment debate through a constitutional lens."

“Akkedisdis eet die visvis”: Oral narrative and personal transformation in the Karoo – a case study

Jaco Kruger Academic research 2015-12-07

"The nature of De Wee’s oral expression is rooted in her outstanding innate capacity for creative oral expression, her energetic and inquisitive personality, and her rural upbringing."

Doxa and learning identity practice realisation of high school learners in a rural working-class town

Henry Fillies, Aslam Fataar Academic research 2015-12-03

"This article concentrates on the adaptations that working-class learners make in order to develop and establish their learning practices. The key focus is on aspects of how these learners construct their learning identities in a specific rural town context in the Western Cape."

Liability for an omission: Reconciliation between the traditional and new test for delictual wrongfulness, or not?

Johann Neethling Academic research 2015-12-03

"In contradistinction to previous judgments of Brand JA, in this case he was willing to reconcile the traditional boni mores test for wrongfulness with the new test for wrongfulness as the reasonableness of holding the defendant liable."

Sentence constructions characteristic of Afrikaans legal language

Eleanor Cornelius Academic research 2015-12-02

"Lay readers often experience problems with the peculiarities of legal language [...]. The aim of this article is to identify the syntactic properties of Afrikaans legal language that cause processing problems for lay readers of legal texts."

The search for God in N.P. Van Wyk Louw’s “Groot ode”

Pieter Verster Academic research 2015-11-20

"The existence of N.P. Van Wyk Louw’s struggle with God is well known."

“Research is what keeps my spirit alive”: Exploring passion and productivity in the narratives of proven researchers

Eleanor Lemmer Academic research 2015-11-18

"Public academic talk about the personal and emotional meanings of research, such as passion, is largely taboo."

Christ undone – an evaluation of the loss of meaning of the term anointed

Pieter van Staden Academic research 2015-11-17

Where does the name Christ come from?