Karabo Kgoleng

Freelance Arts and Culture journalist and public speaker based in Johannesburg. Karabo has worked in radio and for print for close to ten years. She wants to see beautiful words everywhere.  

Book review: Triangulum by Masande Ntshanga

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2019-09-30

"Thematically, Triangulum is a compelling work that explores ideologies that are often at odds with one another, but which Ntshanga brings to an uneasy kind of integration while not leaving the reader with a clear, comfortable sense of resolution."

25 years later: Karabo Kgoleng reflects

Karabo Kgoleng Menings 2019-05-07

It has been 25 years since the first democratic elections in South Africa. With the 2019 elections around the corner, Karabo Kgoleng shares her memories from 27 April 1994.

Yellowbone by Ekow Duker: a review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2019-05-02

"Identity is explored racially, sexually, physically, culturally and linguistically. The reader observes how the major characters navigate these issues, as they respond to the events that challenge them and bring these issues to light."

Green as the sky is blue by Eben Venter: a review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2019-04-25

"I would recommend reading it for your own understanding of how sexuality and sexual expression are not uniform across communities, and that it’s alright that we are not a homogeneous species."

Chatsworth by Pravasan Pillay: a book review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-11-22

"Set in the highly populated township of Chatsworth in KwaZulu-Natal, this collection of 11 short stories highlights working class life in a residential area that was allocated for South Africans of Indian descent during apartheid."

The theory of flight by Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu: a review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-11-15

"Imogen 'Genie' Zula Nyoni is a very special girl who grows into an incredible, defiant woman; her mother was a country and western singer, and her father was a freedom fighter who shot down an aeroplane during the war for liberation."

The enumerations by Máire Fisher: a book review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-11-05

"This is a triumphant, hopeful work of fiction, and Fisher deserves commendation for writing about such a difficult, stigmatised topic in a creative and gripping way."

The wives by Lauren Weisberger: book review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-10-22

"This book also gives one pause to reflect on whether it is worth it to try and keep up with a youth-obsessed society that makes unrealistic demands on how you spend your time and where, how your body should look (like Barbie) and how much you should have in your bank account."

Personal reflections on the 16th Nelson Mandela Lecture, delivered by Barack Obama

Karabo Kgoleng Opinion 2018-07-19

"I sat hundreds of metres away from Obama, but I wasn’t moved the way Pieter W Grobbelaar’s books moved me as a child. I wasn’t moved the way I was when my nanny told me about Tselane and the Giant."

Reading books on current affairs

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-07-19

"Now, Zuma is gone, and there are more breaking stories about the extent of the fiscal damage that has been done by his administration. But, When Zuma Goes and On the Brink are still there."

Get up! Stand up! by Mark Heywood: a review

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2018-07-18

"Ultimately, what I have taken from this book is the story of a man who could have continued with his life of privilege, but instead chose the road of social justice in a way that few can speak for themselves today."

Way back home – a commendable effort

Karabo Kgoleng Books and writers 2013-05-21

"South African writing is aching to evolve beyond narratives about our painful past and how it continues to haunt us."