2020 USA election: How did it come to this?

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A 77-year-old man with alleged dementia could be the USA’s next president. A man who could barely attract 100 people to his campaign rallies suddenly has over 72,6 million votes to date as against Trump’s 69 067 213, exceeding the wildly popular Obama in 2008 with 69 498 516 votes, and in 2012, 65 915 795 votes (in other words, Biden’s current vote surpasses Obama’s for both terms: 2008–2012; 2012–2016).

How did it come to this?vir

Joe Biden was President Obama’s vice-president after having served 39 years as a Democratic senator, yet his political career was less than stellar. He ran unsuccessfully for the Democrats’ presidential nomination in 1988 when he was exposed for plagiarising one of Neil Kinnock’s speeches. He ran again in 2008 against Obama. He was a close associate of segregationist Robert Byrd, a member of the KKK who had opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and supported the Vietnam War. Biden had opposed school integration, claiming schools would disintegrate into “racial jungles”. He was responsible for the 1994 Crime Bill that unfairly incarcerated more black men (whom he referred to as “super-predators”) than white men, per capita. Recently he responded to radio host Charlamagne la God from The Breakfast Club: “If you can’t figure out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”, unleashing angry responses from the black community.

It is claimed that Biden has committed plagiarism several times, and he has allegedly often lied on tape, earning himself the pejorative label Liar-in-Chief. Allegedly he claimed he had three degrees and had come top of his class, when in fact he had one degree and had graduated 76th out of 85 students. Biden has reportedly lied about his policies from week to week, often in his alleged cognitively impaired state, unable to remember what he had said the week before. On several occasions he said he would eliminate fracking, but when challenged on it by President Trump and when campaigning in states where fracking has created tens of thousands of jobs, he denied having said that. Even his running mate, Kamala Harris, reiterated that policy position, only to change her mind when it was expedient to do so. The same with tax cuts, fossil fuels, climate change, and so on.  Trump used video tapes of Biden’s double speak at his rallies to good effect, especially as voters aren’t very au fait with the news.

Most egregious is the alleged limitless corruption perpetrated by Joe Biden’s proxy, his prodigal son, Hunter Biden. It is claimed that Hunter has extracted millions of dollars from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other places, peddling influence and his connection to his father in exchange for big money. From China Hunter allegedly received $1,5 bn despite having no expertise in energy, hedge funds or oil. Fortuitously, a big treasure trove of information found on a laptop Hunter forgot to collect from a computer store a year ago revealed his endless claimed pursuits of board positions on energy companies and banks in the above-mentioned countries when Joe was VP. Videotape evidence has Joe Biden bragging that he had withheld a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless it fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine on whose board Hunter sat, reportedly earning thousands of dollars monthly. The prosecutor was fired. The new president of Ukraine, Zelensky, who had won on an anti-corruption ticket, confirmed this nefarious foreign policy intervention directly with Trump vowing to investigate the case.

When Joe Biden put his hat in the ring as Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election, a concerned Obama cautioned, “You don’t have to do this, Joe”, perhaps aware of his alleged cognitive decline and excess baggage.

And this brings me to the elections!

For the benefit of South Africans: The USA is not a democracy; it is a Republic. Its electoral college gives each state a fair representation regardless of its size. If its system were first past the post, the popular vote rather than fair representation would suffice, leaving many small states unrepresented. The big states like California, Texas, North Carolina and others would determine elections and rule over smaller states, effectively silencing their voice.

Wikipedia explains it thus:

In the Electoral College system, each state gets a certain number of electors based on its total number of representatives in Congress. Each elector casts one electoral vote following the general election; there are a total of 538 electoral votes. The candidate that gets more than half (270) wins the election.

Remember, elections are a state function, not a federal function, which means each state can make its own rules, but within the parameters of the Constitution, which would explain the current crisis the USA election faces.  

Frustrated that every effort to impeach Trump (for everything from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice, Ukraine intervention and Trump’s taxes) had failed, the Democrats used COVID-19 to orchestrate a new plan to unseat Trump. The pre-election anti-Trump airwaves banged on and on about the virus, instilling fear into the general populace that Trump had mishandled the virus. Arch-proponent Joe Biden ran a campaign of fear, suggesting more lockdowns and mask mandates, and generally claiming that Trump had mishandled the pandemic, causing the rise in cases (which in fact can be attributed to more testing – over 120 million people have been tested) and deaths, although Democratic Governor Cuomo of New York had been responsible for the spike in deaths. He subsequently had high praise for the way the president had assisted him in New York to fight the pandemic. Ditto Democratic Governor Newsom of California.

Ignoring the success of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS), Biden went on his campaigns holding Trump responsible for the 230 000 deaths when in fact medical experts had predicted that two million people would die. Trump closed many international borders, encouraged CEOs of top major companies to diversify their production lines to urgently produce ventilators, PPE, therapeutics, hospital beds, and invested millions into producing vaccines: “Operation Warp Speed's goal is to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines with the initial doses available by January 2021, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics (collectively known as countermeasures).”

Democratic states went into lockdown full on, tyrannically enforcing closure of schools, businesses, churches, entertainment, the wearing of masks and social distancing, threatening anyone who dared to violate restrictions made on the fly. Petty-tyrant officials were on full display enforcing laws “for thee but not for me” when many Democrats were exposed for not wearing masks (even Dr Fauci, Trump’s advisor), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who went to a salon not wearing a mask, and tyrannical Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who went to a salon claiming that as a public official she needed to “look good”. All this while Republican states opened up, treating their citizens as adults who would adhere to protocols, manage the virus, and live their lives. To add insult to injury, the tragic murder of George Floyd happened in Minneapolis in full view of the entire world. People took to the streets protesting, rioting, looting, burning and pulling down statues. Democratic governors and mayors allowed massive protests and riots unchecked while harassing and arresting law-abiding citizens who wanted to work and open their salons and businesses.  

COVID-19 became the Democrats’ weapon, using it to great effect, not least to introduce Mail-in Ballot voting (usually reserved for absentee votes) as a national mechanism to avoid contact between citizens. Obama, his wife Michelle, the lapdog media, senior Democrats, Hollywood and academia vehemently pushed this form of voting as the new holy grail of elections. Trump, in the meantime, warned of its capacity for fraud, mismanagement and cheating, given its past history, on a smaller scale, of widespread corruption, ballot dumps, disappearances and the like.

The November 3 election has just passed, but is inconclusive. The Mail-in Ballot system confirms every suspicion Trump and the general public might have had as to the reliability of this exercise. But the capacity for cheating is why Democratic leaders pushed for this form of voting so vociferously. It was the nexus at which COVID-19 and Mail-in Ballots would meet, changing the face of American elections. Biden’s message of COVID-19 deaths was used to justify balloting by mail.

On election night as the votes were counted and called, suddenly, when Trump’s votes started surging in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, election officials incredulously called it a night. Immediately thereafter Trump went on the news declaring that he would file a lawsuit to block any votes that came in afterwards. Sure as hell, votes curiously came in on the morning of November 4, and suddenly Trump and Biden were neck and neck. Trump’s lawyers appeared on television informing the nation that they were investigating illegal ballot votes, voter fraud, and opaque vote-counting practices – which brings us to the election results to date:

Biden leads Trump in electoral votes 264 (50,5%) to 214 (47,9%); popular vote 73 100 586 to 69 346 124. Contestation in swing states where alleged nefarious acts are happening are as follows:

Georgia (16 electoral votes)                    Biden 49,3%,  Trump 49,4%

Nevada (6 electoral votes)                      Biden 49,4%,  Trump 48,5%

North Carolina (15 electoral votes)            Biden 48,7%,  Trump 50,1%

Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes)             Biden 48,9%,  Trump 49,9%

Arizona (11 electoral votes)                     Biden 50,3%,  Trump 48,4%

Florida (29 electoral votes)                      Biden 47,9%,  Trump 51,2%.

To conclude: Voter turnout has been uncharacteristically high. That raises red flags, as voter turnout is usually around 54–59% on average. Secondly, the nation’s pollsters, except for a small number, were largely wrong, predicting a “big blue wave”. Quinnipiac polls were wrong on Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin and many more states.

Trump, who across the world is called a racist and a misogynist, won the biggest minority vote of any GOP candidate with Hispanics topping the bill to over 30%, with African Americans at 12% of the vote, doubling his support among them since he came into office at 6%. The Republicans hold the Senate and added seats to the house with a number of women going into Congress. The Democrats are angry at these losses, currently challenging the seat of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, blaming her for their losses for moving towards socialism and calling to defund the police.

If Trump loses, it will be a stolen election in full view of the public. President Trump has just addressed the nation, and only Fox News and CNN showed it; MSNBC, ABC, CBS and others cut away. In this election, Trump fought Big Tech, Big Hollywood, Big Money (Wall Street and Big Donors), Big Media, academia, and the intelligence agencies. He had only the people and a few media outlets on his side. Yet he grew coalitions across the board, of African Americans, Hispanics, youth, women, gays, pastors, bikers, boaters – the likes of which this nation and the Republican party have never seen before. The larger-than-life rallies in support of Trump, boat flotillas and vehicle caravans that stretched up to 91 miles long attested to his popularity.

Should Trump lose, America will, alas, go back to its usual, fetid, Washington, DC swamp politics.

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  • Wow. Wat n wonderlike gebalanseerde artikel! Nie n Amerikaner nie, maar van ver af het dit die afgelope 4 jaar gelyk asof daar n 20 ton trok deur n hanswors bestuur word.

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    Michiel Heyns

    Heavens, I never thought I would come across something like this outside the most extreme fringe of American right-wingery. 'It is alleged .. it is claimed ... alleged ..': not a single substantiated claim, as against the literally thousands of attested lies and deceptions practised by Donald Trump. As for 'the success of Trump's Operation Warpspeed' ...? Really? That after two days of unprecedented Covid deaths in supposedly the most advanced country on earth?
    Actually, I don't know where to start disentangling this web of twisted logic and unsubstantiated nonsense, and there is probably nothing to be gained by the attempt. But then, this is Opinion, to which we are all entitled.

  • Mens sal verwag dat LitNet artikels publiseer wat ten minste probeer objektief wees. Kadalie is blatant eensydig.

  • I can't believe what I am reading above. I am truly gobsmack. The larger than life rallies wtf. If you cant see the conman snake oil salesman that Trump grab them by the pussy is. On LitNet nogal. Yes so deprived all his followers of their great rallies. But the big showman that he is doesn't make him a leader and much less a President.

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    Melvyn Minnaar

    Die eens tog-so-redelike Rhoda Kadalie het duidelik die KoolAid gesluk en die plot verloor... Maar dit maak 'n mens juis te meer benoud oor die toekoms.

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    Hector Peterson

    If there was widespread fraud, why did the fraudsters allow the Republicans to do so well? They did a shoddy job of rigging the election in their favour. I'm afraid this "analysis" has all the hallmarks of delusional propaganda, designed to appeal to those who are easily misled. Biden is no Angel, but Donald Trump is pure, fascist evil.

  • It reads as if you fell for Trump's campaign propaganda hook line and sinker.
    Even the most ridiculous of them all, the laptop story. If you believe that one, you can be easily convinced that the moon is made of blue cheese.
    Keep on reading and following up on those stories, they may be proven to be just hoaxes

  • 'n Baie goeie en objektiewe opsomming van die verkiesing in die VSA Rhoda. Jy het deur al die propaganda, leuens en politieke korrektheid gesien.

    Trump is egter sy eie grootste vyand en hy het baie mense afgesit met sy optrede. As jong Christen het hy nog nie dit afgele nie. Miskien sal wat intussen gebeur het hom tot die insig bring sodat hy wel hom bekeer.

    Baie Christene is die VSA het ook 'n aandeel in wat gebeur het deurdat hulle liefdeloos opgetree het en 'n afgod van Trump gemaak.

    Die beleid van die Demokrate ten aansien van aborsie (60 miljoen tot op hede) hulle steun vir omgekeerde rassisme, hulle ondersteuning van die nie-bybelse familie is gewoonweg boos.

    By skrywe van hierdie kommentaar is dit nog nie die einde nie....... Bekering is gepas by almal.

  • Avatar
    Johannes Comestor

    'n Uitstekende, insigvolle artikel vol eerstehandse kennis deur een van my oudstudente. Baie dankie daarvoor.

  • Uiteindelik 'n gebalanseerde objektiewe artikel. Elke saak het drie kante. Verstaan my mooi ek "hou nie van" Trump nie. Hy is volgens my nie 'n statige waardige president nie. Een ding wat ek hom gelyk kan gee is hy ken die Amerikaanse psige. Hy kan 'n balansstaat lees. Hy laat hom nie deur ruggraatlose staatsamptenare en beroeps politici intimideer. Niemand het soos hy die moed van die oortuiging om 'n situasie op te som en sy mening daaroor uit te spreek nie. Sy definisie van takt verskil van die agterbakse ruggraatlose politieke korrekte onderkruipers. Jy weet waar jy met hom staan. Die waarheid is wat die mense moet hoor. Die alewige gatkruipery en witvoetjiesoekery gaan op 'n stadium moet end kry. Hy was reg, Afrika het "shitholes" van lande. Hoekom bewys nie een Afrika-land hom die teendeel nie. Want niemand kan nie. Ek sien uit na jou volgende bydrae en lees dit graag.

  • Avatar
    Michiel Heyns

    Ek moet lag kry: op een bydrae na, is al die skrywers wat krtites is van Me Kadalie se katalogus van wanvoorstelllings, hier onder hulle eie naam. Haar ondersteuners, daarenteen, gebruik almal skuilname. Wat vertel dit ons?

  • As een van my oudstudente sulke naakte propaganda sonder bronne skryf vol "alleged" stellings, sal ek my skaam. 'n Stelling soos "USA is not a democracy, it is "a republic" behoort 'n rooi merkie te kry.
    "Alleged dementia" byvoorbeeld is deel van 'n smeerveldtog, dis al wat dit is.
    Hierdie artikel is skone verregse propaganda, wat jy oral in verregse publkasies lees, hier in Suid-Afrika (veral Orania) tot in die VSA.
    Ek dink die meeste van hierdie opinies sal binnekort weerlê word of opgeneem word in die volgende "conspiracy theory"

  • Avatar
    Chris Erasmus

    Mnr Heyns wat wil jou nou eintlik beweer van ons wat "skuilname" sou gebruik? Dit is vir my opvallend dat indien 'n persoon enigsins dit sou waag om 'n mening teen die "liberale/verligtes" durf uitspreek is daar altyd 'n geniepsigheid te bespeur. Die mode om liberaal te wees gaan ook op 'n stadium 'n stil dood sterf. Die skrywer van die bydrae het 'n objektiewe opsomming van die situasie daar gegee. Daar is altyd drie kante aan 'n saak.

  • Avatar
    Arrie de Beer

    Michiel Heyns,

    Ek wou begin antwoord het, toe jou reaksie oor Kadalie gelees teenoor die ophemelende geswymel oor haar artikel en besluit dit is eintlik 'n saak van onmoontlikheid.

    Ek weet nie wat kan by jou kommentaar gevoeg word om 'n mens se afgryse (want dit is wat dit is) oor so 'n artikel van 'n bekende en gerekende kommentator te boekstaaf nie.

    Al waaraan ek kan dink, is dat die artikel in die diepste donker betekenis van die begrip niks anders as Orwellagtige, Trumpiaanse "werklikheidskepping" is nie.

  • Superb summary of the past four years, Rhoda. As can be expected from someone right there in the eye of the storm, as it were, close to one of the most reliable conservative news outlets. I read through the comments and had to smile. As you have said before; proof that fake news works. Had all these commentators never heard of media darling Donald Trump before he came down the escalator? And are they still completely unaware that everything they are so earnestly spewing, is merely political propaganda of one of two political parties? The party that controls 98% of the MSM? I cannot decide whether their earnest belief in misinformation is funny or sad...

  • Avatar
    Arrie de Beer

    Johannes Comestor, hoe moet ek nou weer in die toekoms jou ander kommentaar ernstig opneem?

    Ek sou nie die vraag gevra het, as jy nie met klaarblylike trots na Kadalie as een van jou oud-studente verwys het nie. In wat? Eensydige Raaiwerk101?

    Van oud-studente gepraat: mag ek voorstel dat al die Trump-aanhangers op hierdie gesprekslyn die Litnet-artikel van Jaco Kirsten oor die Amerikaanse verkiesing lees.

    Hoewel ek nie met sy algemene standpunt saamstem nie (ons sit nie altyd om dieselfde vuur nie), en ek twyfel oor die waarheidsgetrouheid van sommige van sy stellings en aannames, is sy aanpakswyse ´n basiese les in Joernalistieke Kommentaar101, naamlik dat daar altyd meer as een kan van ´n saak is.

    Al is dit dan ook net om te kan lees dat Trump, The Chosen One, The Stable Genius, nie van glinsterende goud aanmekaar gesit is nie, maar dat hy inderwaarheid voete van klei het.
    Hoewel dit duidelik uit die artikel blyk by wie Kirsten hom skaar, gee hy ook ´n uiteensetting van die ´´ander kant´´ - iets wat Kadalie skromelik nalaat om te doen.

  • Vir al die linkses wat so gal braak wil ek net se: die beginsel wat Rhoda by wyse van hierdie skitterende artikel aan uiting gee, word "vryheid van spraak" genoem, indien julle dalk vergeet het. Miskien wil julle dalk net bietjie nadink oor die gewoonte om die hsm en hul gesprekspunte klakkeloos na te praat.

    Net soos talle ander voorbeelde waaraan ek kan dink, is dit weereens linkses wat die juiste beginsel aanval waarvoor hulle eens op 'n tyd bereid was om te sterf. Ja, liberales (hedendaagse linkses is nie meer liberaal nie, maar fasciste, die kleed word nou met dankbaarheid aangetrek deur konserwatiewes, of as jy wil, regses) het eens op 'n tyd gesê (kan jy dit glo!) : " Ek stem nie saam met wat jy se nie, maar ek sal jou reg om dit te se tot die dood toe beskerm". Ai, waar is die goeie ou dae, toe linkses hierdie dictum toegeëien het en vryheid van spraak hoogty gevier het? Helaas, dit is iets van die verlede; vryheid van spraak se plek is ingeneem deur 'n onversetlike, hatige onverdraagsaamheid (sien die aanvalle en uitlokking bv. van patriotte wat deelgeneem het aan die "million MAGA march" in Washington D.C. Saterdag).

    Met Biden se "oorwinning", die man wat reeds 47 jaar in die politiek bedrywig is en nie een beleid kan toeëien wat die Amerikaanse nasie bevoordeel het nie, en wat sy kantoor en sy seun as "proxy" gebruik het om op grootskaal die dollars wêreldwyd in te ryg (skaamtelose nepotisme); kan uiteindelik verklaar word dat die VSA onder die oorverdowende bewyse van verkiesingsbedrog deur die demokrate die grap van die wêreld is.

    Love or hate potus Trump, he is not pc or beholden to the corrupt and elite money-grubbing DC political class, he kept his promises to the American people, and if not ultimately elected (after exposing rife and endemic voter fraud and taking his case to court and not being successful in overturning the premature, corrupted outcome of the "election"), he will most probably have been the last U.S. president to have cared wholeheartedly about ALL American citizens, irregardless of race, creed or culture, and set in motion policies to curtail their exploitation by special interest groups and the globalists, he would have been the last president to prevent the USA from devolving into a horrific cesspit of political correctness, with stifling of free speech and repression of religious freedom, the great American spirit of rugged individualism, patriotism, and American exceptionalism.

    May God protect the USA from what's in store should the election "results" not be overturned.

  • Daar is basiese beginsels waaraan joernalistieke "informasie/nuus" moet voldoen om dit geloofwaardig te maak. Dit is soos intelligensie en informasie. Informasie is nie intelligensie alvorens dit geevalueer is nie. Intelligensie info word eerstens evalueer met wat waar wanneer hoe ens. Daar is ook verskeie ander bronne wat geraadpleeg moet word wat die informasie kan staaf en bevestig. Die "nuus" wat deesdae gebruik word is in baie gevalle nie bevestig of gevalueer nie. Dit is suiwer sensasie. Fopnuus is hoofsaaklik hoorsê en aannames/gevolgtrekkings wat gemaak is. Dit kan ook my sussie se maatjie se oom het dit of dat gesien of gehoor wees. Die "nuus" is gewoonlik gevaarlik en klits emosies op. Soos ek volhou, daar is drie kante aan elke saak. My kant, jou kant en die waarheid. Dit laat my dink aan die Ingelse meisie wat een aand in die klein Vrystaatse dorpie se kroeg opeindig. Sy bekla haar lot teenoor die kroegman hoekom sy huis verlaat het en op pad mammie en pappie toe in die Kaap is. In die hoek sit 'n geharde kroegvlieg wat die hele gesprek onderlangs gevolg het. Sy vra hom toe wat dink hy. Sy antwoord is: "Juffrou, al wat ek kan sê is hou jou kant skoon."

  • Rhoda, jy is nou hier besig met ernstige "wrong think" hoor, en die Ministry of Truth gaan dit nie so aanvaar nie! (tong in die kies). Die riglyne vir joernalistieke "integriteit" (daar bestaan in alle eerlikheid by die bedrieglike hsm nie meer so iets nie) en wel regulasie 1(1)(17)(q) bepaal duidelik en ondubbelsinnig dat jy "double think" moet toepas wanneer jy skryf oor President Trump.

    Kyk ne, ek dank die Here vir die visioenêre nalatenskap van die Groot George Orwell. Ek weet nie hoe op dees aarde hy dit gedoen het nie, maar dit wat nou afspeel in die wêreld met die "great reset" en onderdrukking van vryheid is niks ander as COVID-1984 nie.

    Die VSA kan meer hiervan te wagte wees sou Biden en sy globalistiese trawante ooit die mag verkry. Weereens, God help Amerika indien dit ooit sou gebeur.
    Hopelik seëvier potus Trump met al sy regsake. Ek verneem dat Biden besig is om te pleit vir skenkings om Trump se regsaksies te verdedig, en dit van iemand wat volgens die HSM "president-elect" is! (lol).

    Die skreiende onreg en vermetelheid van die media, "big tech", die linkse akademici wat vanuit hulle ivoortorings wil voorskryf wat jy moet dink en hoe jy moet dink, die sport kabaal (skuus: politiese industrie) en groot korporasies maak mens skoon gek.

  • Nogal 'n hele klompie hier wat hulle woorde sal moet sluk as die stof gaan lê en hulle eindelik tussen propaganda en teen-propanda kan onderskei. (En waarskynlik nooit gaan erken dat hulle in die slaggat getrap het nie)

  • Avatar
    Johannes Comestor

    Arrie de Beer, ons het 'n gemeenskaplike vriend in wyle François de Villiers gehad. Diegene, soos jy, wat die nuwe Suid-Afrika omarm, het 'n vrye sê op LitNet. Diegene, soos ek, vir wie die nuwe Suid-Afrika in baie opsigte onaanvaarbaar is, word dikwels die geleentheid ontsê om hulle mening op LitNet te lug. LitNet is dus nie 'n geskikte plek vir gesprekvoering nie.

  • Avatar
    Arrie de Beer

    Ek is oningelig. Hoe moet 'n mens hierdie kommentaar lees? Is Kadalie die 1984-skrywer, of is dit Charles of is dit albei?

  • Het jy nog nooit Orwell se "1984" gelees nie? Seker, want dit sal jou vreemde vraag verklaar. Jy moet jou of doelbewus blind hou of "double think" toepas om nie te weet dat dit wat nou afspeel 'n profetiese spieëlbeeld is van Orwell se meesterstuk nie. God help ons.

  • Avatar
    Arrie de Beer

    Johannes Comestor

    Dit is jammer jy meen LitNet bied nie ruimte vir robuuste debat nie.

    Na ek dieselfde soort ad hominem-aanvalle en aanbod van ander negatiewe tegnieke gesien het wat debatvoering weens trolgedrag op FB onmoontlik maak, kan ek begryp waarom dit dalk ook nie voldoende hier kan plaasvind nie.

    NS: Naas vriendskap met FdV, sien ek jy is ook 'n leser van Saul Bellow. Dit is nog 'n pluspunt. 😉

  • Die ingeligte en belese persone wat oor die VSA se verkiesing en sy leiers soveel eiers te le het, (omdat hulle op Litnet kan) dien soms tot welkome
    Om te dink dat hierdie "Einsteins"
    'n opregte en briljante heer soos Jacob
    Zuma vir 9 jaar as hul president aanvaar het.
    Vee voor jul eie deur en tel sommer die
    papiere en gemors op.
    Sir David Attenborough se nuutste boek hoort sommige te genees van hul koppe van hedendaagse media-besoedeling en waarop dit werklik aangaan.

  • Avatar
    Arrie de Beer

    Jan Odendaal

    Al die die artikels wat hier ter sprake is, verwys spesifiek na die verkiesing in die VSA. Dit staan ook duidelik in die opskrifte.

    Ek het al drie die artikels weer nagegaan. Ek mag 'n fout begaan, maar dit lyk my nie of Zuma by dié verkiesing betrokke was nie.

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