KykNET Silwerskermfees 2019: Gehoorgunsteling Fiela se kind binnekort in rolprentteaters te sien

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Meer as 30 jaar na die aanvanklike rolprent bekendgestel is, word Dalene Matthee se ikoniese roman Fiela se kind weer op die silwerdoek vertoon.

Vir die eerste keer sedert 1988 is ’n nuwe weergawe van die rolprent bekendgestel wat vanjaar by die Silwerskermfees in Kaapstad te sien was, en die feit dat die rolprent as vanjaar se gehoorgunsteling bekroon is, bewys dat mense na al die jare steeds opgewonde oor die verhaal is.

Gelukkig is die wag om die rolprent te sien nie meer lank nie, aangesien dit van 13 September af landwyd in rolprentteaters te sien sal wees.

Brett Michael Innes, wat onder andere as skrywer en regisseur van die 2017-Safta-bekroonde rolprent Sink bekend is, was verantwoordelik vir die regie van Fiela se kind. Die rolprent is vervaardig deur Danie Bester tesame met kykNET Films, Filmfinity (Edms) Bpk en die Department van Handel en Nywerheid.

Brett vertel meer oor die rolprent.

Brett, waarom het julle besluit om ’n nuwe rolprentweergawe van Fiela se kind te skep? Wat was die inspirasie? 

I read the book in high school, and it is a story that always inspired me. When I heard that the rights were available, I leapt at the chance to tell that story. A phone call to Hillary Matthee, Dalene’s daughter, and the team at kykNET got the ball rolling and it was a natural progression to call one of the industry leaders, Danie Bester, to partner with me on this film. I’m inspired to tell this story because it connects to my heart and the hearts of so many others in the way that only great literature can. 

Wat maak hierdie weergawe anders as die oorspronklike 1988-rolprent? 

This adaptation is different both narratively and stylistically, with a greater focus on the Komoetie family and their experience of loss when Fiela begins her journey to get Benjamin back. The film also takes advantage of present-day cinematic tools and language to create film that, while respectful of the previous film, offers a different emotional and visual journey. 

Hoeveel verskil die rolprent van Dalene Matthee se boek, of het julle getrou aan die verhaal probeer bly? 

While this adaptation has made creative choices that are different from those of the book, these are found more in what we chose to focus on and not so much on what we changed. Moments that are given only one or two lines in the book are fleshed out into entire scenes, while some large sections in the novel are given less importance. What was key to me was to stay focused on the love story between Fiela and Benjamin and less, for example, on Elias and his obsession with hunting. 

Julle het onder andere in die Karoo en Knysnabos aan die rolprent geskiet – hoe was die ervaring? 

Filming in these locations was physically difficult, but visually and emotionally rewarding. The environment lights up on the screen and this could be done by going to the real places. 

Wat was die uitdagings verbonde aan die verfilmingsproses? 

Filming a period piece in multiple locations with multiple generations is no easy task. Throw ostriches, elephants, horses, snow, rain and sun into the mix and you have a gruelling experience. I can only compliment Danie Bester and the team at The Film Factory for how they came together make this happen the way that they did. 

Wat was die hoogtepunte van die verfilmingsproses?          

My highlight was working with relatively unknown actors, many of whom had their first time on set and screen in this film. I loved watching how they honoured the space and the story, all of them approaching the work with immense gratitude.

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