Die kind is nog jonger: Onderhoud met Anne van Schothorst

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Anne van Schothorst (fotograaf: Pjotr van Schothorst)

Ingrid Jonker se gedigte is al dikwels getoonset. In 'n nuwe projek, waarby haar dogter Simone Garcia Marques betrokke is, word met andersoortige klanke aan Jonker hulde gebring. Naomi Meyer gesels met sommige van die kunstenaars.


Lees 'n onderhoud met Simone Garcia Marques. 

Hier onder is die eerste onderhoud, 'n gesprek met Anne van Schothorts.

Anne, your soulful harp-playing transforms Ingrid Jonker's poem "Ek het gedink" into an eerie and at the same time soothing song. Please describe your emotions while you were writing the music?

Thank you so much for listening and thank you for your kind comment – this means a lot to me. 

Music and poetry are to me the most profound: to be touched by the unsaid. The harp is the only instrument to express myself; she is a life saver because I find it difficult giving words to feelings as an introvert person by nature. Due to a melancholic soul I tend to compose a lot of music in the minor scale.

The heartfelt poetry that “Ek het gedink” is, really touched me. The profound loneliness struck me. 

I really can feel and relate to Ingrid’s tears. To me it was a heartbreaking experience once to say good bye to someone I loved very much. This life event has left a hole in my heart. In order to keep my sanity I needed to translate my emotions through my 47 strings into music. 

The "Ek het gedink" poem is also about beauty and consolation; at least to me, it complements and reinforces my harp story, with the intent to move the listener. 

Did you know Ingrid Jonker’s poems before this project?

The first time I read Ingrid Jonker’s poems I was 32 years old. And I remember vividly that someone was telling me the story about this South African poet Ingrid Jonker that lived for only 32 years and left a great legacy of poetry. So I got curious and I wanted to know more about Ingrid Jonker’s story and I started reading her poetry. I fell in love with the South African language and with the beautiful poet Ingrid Jonker is, as if I had found a soulmate.

Do you understand “Ek het gedink”?

The South African language is close to Dutch (I come from the Netherlands) and I can understand the words perfectly. As I described before, I really feel Ingrid Jonker’s poetry (even though I do not speak the language). The sound and the choice of words are so authentic and real in Afrikaans – the words … sentences … meander so beautifully and are less harsh than Dutch. Plus I love the sound and musicality in the spoken poetry. 

I wish the song and your harp-playing could carry on for longer. Where can one listen to more of your music?

Oh, thank you so much for the compliment. The song has indeed just the duration of the spoken poem. 

On the harpandsoul.com website I have a harPoetry page: http://www.harpandsoul.com/#!harpoetry/cx2s

and my work can be found on youtube and soundcloud as well when you search my name. 

Die CD se vrystellingsdatum is 3 Junie 2016. Die album kan vooraf bestel word by Raru.co.za.

Die CD gaan ook beskikbaar wees by Loot.co.za en by onafhanklike platewinkels, soos Mabu en Revolution in die Kaap, High Fidelity in Johannesburg en Khaya in Durban.

Die digitale aflaaimoontlikheid sal oor 'n paar weke beskikbaar wees op platforms soos iTunes, Spotify asook op die nuwe Afrikaanse stroomdiens Liedjie.

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