LitNet contributors voice their opinions about current affairs.

The hype of federalism

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Opinion 2023-05-12

"Only those with selfish private economic income would think that a federal arrangement of our provinces makes sense, when the majority of our provinces are poor and rural, without many economic prospects. The rest of us know the drab reality of how the majority of our people are dependent on the state for the bare minimum of their living income."

Russia: One year later

Anna Solodkina Opinion 2023-05-11

"Today’s Russia is grim and hopeless."

The past is another empire: the coronation of King Charles on 6 May 2023

David Willers Opinion 2023-05-04

"Seventy years ago, as a boy of six, I attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. And now, decades later, Charles is about to be crowned king, and his mother’s empire is long gone. There is an irony in this, and I wouldn’t be in his shoes for all the tea in China."

South Africa bracketed with China and Russia: Is resentment of the West the real reason for Pretoria’s choice of strange bedfellows?

David Willers Opinion 2023-04-25

"The Ukraine-Russia war drags on, slowly but surely getting more dangerous as Western weapons pour in and the Russian army suffers absurd losses but keeps grinding into battle anyway."

South Africa’s national election in 2024: exciting times ahead?

Rory Riordan Opinion 2023-04-13

"The ANC is losing ground to the EFF in that vital community, black youth. Young people worldwide are not interested in attending monthly meetings at which elderly people give rambling talks on the proud history of their movement – young people want action, protests, burning tyres, walking on and over the lines of legality. This the EFF offers, while the ANC Youth League is moribund, conceding this cohort of voters to the EFF."

Submission in opposition to the current Copyright Amendment Bill

PEN Afrikaans, Catrina Wessels, Izak de Vries Kopiereg-wetsontwerp 2023-03-22

"We implore the legislature to reconsider the entire clause 12A and 12D until a proper socio-economic impact assessment has been done. We are legitimately concerned that fair use will diminish legal certainty and harm authors and publishers by diminishing their work, and creating a climate for freely using their work without permission or compensation."

The sports bet & the bunny chow

Alex J Coyne Opinion 2023-03-22

"It’s why casinos are loud, have no clocks and give you free stuff every few spins. Like casinos, pachinko machines or Candy Crush, houses might be aware that some of their customers are there to go on a date, and then to lose a moerse klomp money over a f#%$n bunny chow."

"Maar jy’t eintlik vet geword" is just not a nice thing to say

Zubayr Charles Opinion 2023-03-16

"I was tired of wanting to regain compliments on my exterior, yet I was also tired of the dreadful comments directed at my weight. I had to learn how to love myself again."

ChatGPT, God and Scotland’s new Joan of Arc

David Willers Opinion 2023-03-06

"What sustains churchgoers then, other than blind faith? What empirical evidence is there for the existence of God? Perhaps if there was something more tangible for this woke and plugged-in generation concretely to put their hands on, then they may come to believe, as Kate Forbes does. I decided to put the question to ChatGPT."

Can there be a dance between the health sciences and the arts?

Elma de Vries Opinion 2023-03-06

"The social determinants of health include factors such as income, unemployment and job insecurity, education, working conditions, food insecurity, early childhood development and access to health services. Research shows that these social determinants can be more important than healthcare or lifestyle choices in influencing health."

Press release: Ukraine, a year of war crimes and resolve

LitNet PEN Afrikaans 2023-02-23

At least 13 Ukrainian and foreign journalists and media workers have been killed since 24 February 2022 while carrying out their professional duties.

To Google or to Chat? Getting information is likely to change

Lara Aucamp, Izak de Vries Kunsmatige intelligensie | Artificial intelligence 2023-02-14

"Google makes about 80% of its revenue from search. And up until now, they’ve more or less had a monopoly on search, with over 90% of the world’s search queries going through Google. In fact, we don’t talk about searching for something online; we talk about googling it. But monopolies can fall. Remember Skype?"

The demise of Eskom | Iingxaki zikaEskom zikubaphathi

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Opinion 2023-02-07

"The provision of reliable energy is at the centre of South Africa's ability to solve the scourge of poverty, unemployment, inequality, violent crime ..." | "Yiyo kuphela indlela enokukwazi ukusikhupha kula manyundululu orhwaphilizo kulungiswe eli ziko uEskom aphuhlise isizwe, azise impilo engcono kwabo babetheka kakhulu yintlupheko nokulamba."

Opening the GG Cillié Building and visual redress at Stellenbosch University (VRSU)

Faaiz Gierdien Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2023-02-07

"Currently, SU has adopted a visual redress policy to come to terms with its historical relations with the apartheid state structure. Starting in 2015, student protests, namely #Rhodesmustfall, #Feesmustfall and #OpenStellenbosch, called for 'transformation' and 'decolonisation' at historically white universities. SU reacted by choosing 'visual redress' as one of its core responses to these protests."

Is the "big picture" of South Africa really so bad?

Rory Riordan Opinion 2023-02-06

"In 1994, ignorant of this future, and on a national consensus of all political parties, we set out to do something that no country before us had done – we set out to deliver a welfare state to a country with a rapidly growing population, in the absence of an oil bonanza or some such."

Getting the lights to work by teaching anti-corruption values

David Willers Opinion 2023-01-26

"What’s gone wrong with Mandela’s ANC?"

Obituary: Frene Ginwala – ANC loyalist and friend to an important overseas audience

David Willers In memoriam 2023-01-20

"Dignified to the last is how she will be remembered."

General De la Rey and his accidental part in Hitler’s downfall

David Willers Opinion 2023-01-17

"The legendary Boer War hero, Koos de la Rey, was a kind of Volodymyr Zelensky of his day – a 'bittereinder' tactical genius (he introduced trench warfare to South Africa) who refused to surrender to Lord Roberts after the capture of Pretoria, and tormented the British imperial army to the 'bitter end'."

The ANC: Is there hope for a new generation?

Paul Murray Opinion 2023-01-09

"Politics is a dynamic field, and one can only hope that one way we as South Africans can have a future of some sort, lies in the energies of the next generation of leaders who bear with them the qualities of integrity."

Season’s greetings (and some outrageous predictions) for 2023

David Willers Opinion 2022-12-21

"This is the traditional end of the seasonal (and astrological) cycle when we take stock of what lies ahead. New Year’s resolutions are wheeled out, and everyone has a crystal ball."