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Multilingual schools, multilingual universities: an interview with Russell Kaschula and Michael Kretzer

Naomi Meyer, Russell H Kaschula, Michael Kretzer English 2019-09-12

"[T]he involvement and inclusion of many African languages through code-switching, or translanguaging, helps the pupils to learn from each other, and be aware of different cultures and languages, and understand why certain pupils think and learn in certain ways."

Towards the fullness of the Afrikaans language

Hein Willemse Die Afrikaanse Taalraad-portaal 2019-08-28

"Afrikaans was forged in the mouths of all those who lived at the Cape and beyond. It is in this Creole that we hear the remnants of the slaves’ foreign tongues, and the traces of their experiences."

Behind the Fifth Wall

Carsten Rasch Musiek 2019-06-27

"To compare this scenario, where songs were routinely banned, musicians harassed and/or locked up, and parties and gigs teargassed, with the rock scene of today is like comparing porcupines with export grapes. It’s not only impossible; it’s simply not useful."

James Matthews: a revolutionary poet @ 90

Hein Willemse Books and writers 2019-05-30

"Indeed, it is hard to think of South African political poetry without the name of James Matthews. He was firmly identified with local expressions of Black Consciousness in the early 1970s, and his poetry shaped our generation’s understanding of the injustices, brutality and inhumanity that apartheid visited upon our communities across the country."

200 years ago – The Battle of Grahamstown and the name change to Makhanda

Rodney Warwick Opinion 2019-05-29

"Or, is it a bitter sop to the reality of the all-powerful English language and the foundations of Grahamstown’s university and elite schools, its historic churches and much more, rooted in the culture of the British Settlers and their descendants – not to mention the roadside name boards identifying ownership of the numerous prosperous farms in the region once known as the Albany – the Zuurveld?"

25 years later: Karabo Kgoleng reflects

Karabo Kgoleng Menings 2019-05-07

It has been 25 years since the first democratic elections in South Africa. With the 2019 elections around the corner, Karabo Kgoleng shares her memories from 27 April 1994.

25 years later: Christi van der Westhuizen reflects

Christi van der Westhuizen Menings 2019-05-07

It has been 25 years since the first democratic elections in South Africa. With the 2019 elections around the corner, Christi van der Westhuizen shares her memories from 27 April 1994.

In the shadow of Brahms – Robert Fuchs and his First Piano Trio

Petro Engelbrecht, Bertha Spies, Henriëtte van Rensburg Opinion 2019-04-30

"This article deals with the relatively little-known composer Robert Fuchs, who used developing variation – a composition technique associated predominantly with Johannes Brahms – in his First Piano Trio."

Some remarks about Handré Brand’s remarks about The man who killed apartheid

Harris Dousemetzis Opinion 2019-04-26

"The main question is Tsafendas’s motive, and the fact that, for more than 50 years, people believed that Tsafendas killed Verwoerd because of a tapeworm, and that he was an apolitical idiot."

UNISA's Breyten Seminar: "in the calyx of your thoughts" – topological deformation in a few texts and paintings by Breyten Breytenbach

Hein Viljoen Seminare en essays 2019-04-18

"This is an example of what I call the eighth petal of the sacred lotus in Breytenbach’s work. It indicates the ways in which Breytenbach plays with and stretches language and cognitive frameworks."

Revisiting the end of the world: an interview on language identity and displacement

Naomi Meyer, Andries Coetzee, Nick Henriksen Onderhoude 2019-04-17

"Humans have participated in mass migrations since the earliest dawn of human society. ... Understanding how the Patagonian Afrikaans community has negotiated their identity and their relation to place is, therefore, a very current topic, and can be of value to the understanding of current migrant communities."

A letter from Emily Hobhouse to Mr Rees-Mogg

Elsabé Brits Opinion 2019-02-26

"I implore you to change and listen to your conscience, as a fellow English patriot. To be brave. To admit the truth about this atrocity. For the sake of history."

The rise and fall of Mmusi Maimane

Jason Lloyd Opinion 2019-01-31

"Over recent years, the DA has attracted South Africans of different backgrounds with diverse ideological views. Maimane is under enormous pressure to keep these different interest groups with different backgrounds happy in the party."

Zimbabwe: another false dawn

ish Opinion 2019-01-24

"Zimbabweans have now woken up to the fact that they were once again sold a dummy, and that 18 November 2017, like 18 April 1980 when Zimbabwe attained its independence from Britain, was another false dawn."

The art of prayer (in Zimbabwe)

Klara Wojtkowska Opinion 2019-01-22

"The day after #ShutDownZimbabwe, the weight of the Big Fear still heavy and tangible on our tongues, and the twisted compass of the Big Confusion whirling bigger and bigger storms in brains and bodies and hearts alike – on this day, at a time that still saw the sun climbing towards his throne at the top of the sky, in the immigration office in Harare, the genial officer at the front desk smiled and laughed with two women waiting for assistance."

Open letter to President Ramaphosa: support the true arts in this country

Darryl David Opinion 2019-01-04

"To use arts and culture money to record the favourite struggle songs of Jacob Zuma is a slap in the face of every artist and writer in this country."

Intercontinental entanglements: slavery, Dutch colonialism and post-colonial identifications

Menán van Heerden Menings 2018-12-20

"The questions that need to be asked, are: 'whose history is under discussion here?' and who is the 'us' 'who call themselves the Dutch'?"

In memoriam: Justin Cartwright

Christopher Hope Opinion 2018-12-18

"That was Cartwright's gift. A vein of laconic comedy runs through almost all his work which draws on his preoccupations with movies, advertising, American oddities as well as British pretensions and to which he gave exuberant rein in novels like Look at it This Way ..."

Video: Keynote and public lecture by Achille Mbembe

LitNet Menings 2018-12-14

Internationally acclaimed Achille Mbembe was a keynote speaker at the international conference Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation: The light and shadow of historical trauma.

Video: Keynote lecture by Homi Bhabha – A memory of neighbours: On history and the afterlife

Naomi Bruwer Menings 2018-12-14

"Internationally acclaimed Homi K Bhabha was the keynote speaker at the international conference Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation: The light and shadow of historical trauma."