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Phillippa Yaa de Villiers on her experience of Poetry Africa

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-09  What did being invited to Poetry Africa mean to you?

It was a great honour and an opportunity to share ideas with brilliant minds from around the world.

Bundu: A worthy trip into the wild

Jonathan Amid 2011-11-08  

My Mercedes is Bigger than Yours: An exploration of postcolonial society

Annie Gagiano 2011-11-04 Published in the Heinemann African Writers Series in 1975, Nkem Nwankwo’s novel succeeded his highly popular first (comic) novel, Dando (1964).

Big Book Chain Chat #84: JM Coetzee in Texas

Rob Gaylard 2011-11-04 Isn’t it rather dismaying to learn that our (are we right to think of him as “our”?) foremost writer has sold his literary papers to the University of Texas in Austin?

Bra Gib: It’s about bloody time!

Rob Gaylard 2011-11-02  

Shailja Patel on African women and why poetry alone is not change

Bibi Slippers, Shailja Patel 2011-10-26  

Big Book Chain Chat #83: Where does poetry begin?

Kyle Allen 2011-10-26 Poetry begins in silence and transcends ourselves. A poem is both a message and a destination. A poem is both a process and an entirety. We are channels and also embodiers of the poem. Where does the poem end and another existence begin?

The Tempest Prognosticator: Enlivened poems worth reading

Kobus Moolman 2011-10-25  I must confess at the outset that I am a huge fan of Isobel Dixon’s work. (I don’t know how else to express it.) Weather Eye is for me a finely crafted evocation of place and intimacy; while A Fold in the Map is a poignant and delicately controlled tribute to memory and to family.

Imagine Africa: Idealism and disillusionment in the imagining of Africa

Richard Jurgens 2011-10-20 Imagine Africa, a collection of essays and literary pieces edited and introduced by poet, writer and activist Breyten Breytenbach, is the first in a projected series of volumes from the Gorée Institute ...

The Other Booker Prize: Amusing, gentle and full of natural wisdom

Janet van Eeden 2011-10-20 Azila Talit Reisenberger has made a name for herself as a poet and short story writer, and also as South Africa’s only female rabbi for the Temple Hillel community in East London. She also heads the Hebrew section of the School of Languages ...