PP Fourie

PP Fourie

PP Fourie lives in Wellington and teaches political science and international relations at Stellenbosch University. His academic/research interests include the political determinants of health, global health governance and development. He dabbles in fiction for fun, and he is a big fan of Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy and the work of Julian Barnes.

Short and bad

PP Fourie Opinion 2019-12-03

“It’s now been more than two years since I started, and, by now, I’ve written well over 100 000 words. Some of those words are good; most are bad. It doesn’t matter. It absolutely does not matter. What matters is the joy ...”

Theoretical cartography

PP Fourie New writing 2019-10-31

“And, beyond those continents, in a tiny boat sailing off beyond the map, were – theoretically, for a short while – the two of us.”

The prize

PP Fourie Fiksie 2019-02-27

"Her hair was combed into a neat side parting, and she was pleased with how it fell to just above her shoulders. She looked her age, but she looked good. She decided to go with the black polo neck top, with pearl earrings as her only adornment ..."