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Lessons in love

Christina Engela Opinion 2011-11-17

I love you ... The words are cheap and easily said these days, aren't they? I love you ... They can buy you happiness, trust, romance, company, wealth – anything your heart desires – if you use them well. Depending on your skill, and the extent of your ...

The Exploding Trousers – Part II

Richard Jurgens 2011-11-16 “Dude,” said a voice that seemed to be coming through a plastic megaphone, “dude, wake up!’ Hilton Ellis opened an eye, and was rewarded with a sideways-on view of the gopher, Rory, of course: standing over his bed.

The other Booker Prize: Sonderlinge verhale vanuit die rand van ons gesigsveld

Chris van der Merwe 2011-11-16 Azila Reisenberger het in ’n Hebreeuse huisgesin in Israel grootgeword, as jong vrou die wêreld deurreis, en haar later saam met haar Duitse man in Kaapstad gevestig. So pas het van hierdie merkwaardige vrou ’n tipe “vermomde outobiografie” verskyn met ...

The Exploding Trousers – Part III

Richard Jurgens 2011-11-16 The picture was blurred at first, but gained in clarity as his eyes gradually adjusted to the dim light. It was a black-and-white line drawing, or an etching perhaps, in the style of illustrations in Victorian adventure stories.

Book extract: Bad Sex (1)

Leon de Kock 2011-11-15 I approach the door of Anna Brink’s rooms in Observatory, Johannesburg, in which her clean-cut therapy chamber is located. I’ve been here before, on a couple of occasions when life – relationships and marriage – got too hot to handle. She knows me well. In fact, she’s like an old friend. I know that, once Anna opens the door, we will go immediately left, into her refuge for the talking wounded.

Light and After: From the mind of a sensitive poet

2011-11-15 Kobus Moolman’s Light and After is his fifth collection of poetry. Lyrically evocative and engaging, this collection reintroduces readers familiar with Moolman’s poetry to his confident lines, unique images, memorable language and impressive narrative ...

Mirror, Mirror

Christina Engela Opinion 2011-11-10 As a non-Christian I have never understood the need some people have to indoctrinate others, or to try and force their own views on them. When this sort of thing takes place during a time of grieving and mourning, such as at a funeral, it just makes it even worse. I have to wonder what they think, the […]

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers on her experience of Poetry Africa

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-09  What did being invited to Poetry Africa mean to you?

It was a great honour and an opportunity to share ideas with brilliant minds from around the world.

Bundu: A worthy trip into the wild

Jonathan Amid 2011-11-08  

My Mercedes is Bigger than Yours: An exploration of postcolonial society

Annie Gagiano 2011-11-04 Published in the Heinemann African Writers Series in 1975, Nkem Nwankwo’s novel succeeded his highly popular first (comic) novel, Dando (1964).

Big Book Chain Chat #84: JM Coetzee in Texas

Rob Gaylard 2011-11-04 Isn’t it rather dismaying to learn that our (are we right to think of him as “our”?) foremost writer has sold his literary papers to the University of Texas in Austin?

Black Butterflies: Lost opportunities

Gillian Schutte 2011-11-03  

Photos: 20 Stellenbosch: Two Decades of South African Sculpture

Kristine Kronjé 2011-11-03 On Wednesday, 26th October Joachim Schönfeldt launched 20 Stellenbosch: Two Decades of South African Sculpture with an opening parade. Almost overnight a flamboyant spectrum of sculptural pieces appeared in and around Stellenbosch in a ...

Bra Gib: It’s about bloody time!

Rob Gaylard 2011-11-02