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Press release: Shortlist for the 2021 Kendeka Prize for African Literature announced

LitNet Books and writers 2021-09-15

The shortlist for the 2021 Kendeka Prize for African Literature has been announced today.

Press release: SA novel shortlisted for the Booker Prize

LitNet PRH/LAPA-Uitgewersportaal 2021-09-15

Damon Galgut's latest novel, The Promise, has been shortlisted for one of the world's most prestigious literary prizes, the Booker Prize. The announcement was made during an online event on Tuesday evening.

Press release: Winners of the UJ Prize for Creative Writing in isiZulu and Sesotho sa Leboa, and for Literary Translation

LitNet Books and writers 2021-09-15

The University of Johannesburg is pleased to announce the winners of the following three newly instated prizes: UJ Prize for Creative Writing in isiZulu, UJ Prize for Creative Writing in Sesotho sa Leboa and the UJ Prize for Literary Translation.

It took the Booker to introduce South Africans to their own Karen Jennings

Jean Meiring Books and writers 2021-09-13

"Whether Jennings’ name appears on the shortlist that will be announced in London tomorrow afternoon or not, one can only hope that her longlisting will have changed the trajectory of her career: that she will never again have to make out a case to be published. And never again be published in print runs of only 500."

Press release: Shortlists – UJ Prizes for Creative Writing in isiZulu and Sesotho sa Leboa, and for Literary Translation

LitNet Books and writers 2021-09-09

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is pleased to announce the shortlists for the following three newly instated prizes: UJ Prize for Creative Writing in isiZulu, UJ Prize for Creative Writing in Sesotho sa Leboa, and the UJ Prize for Literary Translation.

First sip: The ANC’s last decade by Ralph Mathekga

LitNet LitNet Eerste Slukkie | First Sip 2021-09-08

"Since the first democratic elections in 1994, no party has held on to the third position in consecutive elections. Smaller political parties have always alternated in this position. Because it has claimed this spot, the only way up for the EFF must be to depose the DA and become the official opposition."

White trash by Terry Angelos: book launch

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2021-09-08

Tracy Going will be in conversation with Terry Angelos on Monday 20 September 2021 at 18:00.

The whistle blowers by Mandy Wiener: reader impression

Barend van der Merwe Books and writers 2021-09-08

"If you wish to destroy the life you know, expose some corrupt activities."

Press release: Longlist for the Kendeka Prize for African Literature 2021

LitNet Books and writers 2021-09-03

The longlist for the 2021 Kendeka Prize for African Literature has been announced on Wednesday, the 1st  of September 2021.

African library: Silence is my mother tongue by Sulaiman Addonia

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2021-08-30

"Compelling and written with tenderness and fury, this beautiful novel will resonate in readers’ minds with its clarity of vision, empathy and depth of insight. It is likely to become a classic for its undeniable literary stature."

Into dark water by Jeremy Vearey: a book review

Andrew Brown Books and writers 2021-08-26

"This is a fascinating book. But ultimately it is the victim of its own ego. It attempts too much and provides only a superficial gloss of the events that continue to intrigue and unsettle us as a nation."

Full particulars podcast: Nostalgia for the future – writing crime in a time of state capture

David Attwell, Margie Orford Books and writers 2021-08-25

In this episode of his monthly podcast David Attwell talks to Margie Orford about crime writing and her Clare Hart series of crime novels, which ended with the publication of Water Music in 2013.

Fresh off the press: A Pretoria boy by Peter Hain

LitNet Books and writers 2021-08-24

A highly readable, dramatic story of a colourful South African journey in politics lasting over 50 years, from anti-apartheid protester to Right Honourable Lord, from Pretoria childhood to senior British Cabinet Minister.

Hitler’s spies: Secret agents and the intelligence war in South Africa by Evert Kleynhans – reader impression

David Willers Books and writers 2021-08-23

"Kleynhans researched Hitler’s spies for his PhD thesis, and, as might be expected, he has included a superb bibliography, which will keep serious students of the Second World War history of South Africa reading for years to come."

Gripscapes: Newly selected poems by Norman Morrissey – a book review

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2021-08-19

"Much like a knight errant, the poet is in search of poetry. His life is a quest of refining the technique."

Noise: A flaw in human judgement by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R Sunstein – a book review

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2021-08-11

"Noise draws together statistical research to show how skewed judgement can be in fields from criminal justice to medicine, public health to economics, human resources to child protection – and just how rampant the problem is."

COVID diaries: Women’s experience of the pandemic – an interview with Amanda Gouws and Olivia Ezeobi

Naomi Meyer, Amanda Gouws, Olivia Ezeobi Books and writers 2021-08-06

"Because everyone had to work from home, men expected to be able to close the door and get online and work without interruptions, while the mothers had to face the expanding care work and interruptions."

A coat of many colours by Fred Khumalo: an inter-review

Joanne Hichens, Fred Khumalo Books and writers 2021-08-05

Fred Khumalo: "The riskier the choice I make, the more rewarding it is for me as a writer."

Fresh off the press: Thinking the future by Clem Sunter and Mitch Ilbury

LitNet Books and writers 2021-08-04

Every decision we make is a decision about the future. We constantly make choices that affect the next week, year or decade, but get blinded by what we want or expect the future to be.

The promise by Damon Galgut: a book review

David Attwell Books and writers 2021-08-02

"The promise is a major achievement, fully deserving its place on the Man Booker Prize longlist."