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South Africa on the Shelf: Keeping the conversation alive

Andie Miller 2010-07-13 As Chile was walloping Switzerland, fans in Mary Fitzgerald Square were oblivious to the generator that kicked in when Eskom workers left the rest of the Newtown Cultural Precinct in the dark. I wondered what Fitzgerald, said to have been the first ...

The poet Phillippa Yaa de Villiers talks about her new collection, The Everyday Wife, with Janet van Eeden

Janet van Eeden, Phillippa Yaa De Villiers 2010-06-03 Phillippa Yaa de Villiers’s approach to her work is summed up by the first poem in her new collection of poetry, The Everyday Wife:

Words become me …
Without them I am shorn.

Galgut heads back to the theatre, and has a new book out

Andie Miller 2010-05-12 “After having poured forth … tirelessly torrents of red and white light it begins to lose its effulgence … pppfff! finished! It comes to rest. But – but behind this veil of gentleness and peace night is charging and will ...

(In brackets) - Andie Miller in conversation with Leon de Kock on bodyhood

Andie Miller, Leon de Kock 2010-04-06 Leon de Kock’s new collection of poems, Bodyhood, has just been released by Umuzi. The poems in this collection open widely to the inside while looking outwards at the connecting points of body and being. Andie Miller, the author of Slow ...

"Its survival is my survival'': Imke van Heerden in conversation with translator Jameson Maluleke

Imke van Heerden, Jameson Maluleke English 2009-12-09

"For me, translation is both a profession and a passion. Creativity in translation is like Kentucky Fried Chicken: a source of finger lickin’ goodness!"

Interview: Eben Venter’s Trencherman

Charles Malan 2008-10-15 Charles Malan interviewed Eben Venter, who is temporarily living in Australia, about Trencherman, the translation of his novel Horrelpoot. Let’s talk about the reception and implications of the translation. One of the earliest ...

Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards: 10 quick questions to Charles J Fourie

Naomi Bruwer, Charles J Fourie 2008-08-26 Maskew Miller Longman has announced the winners of its 2008 Literature Award competition for writing in all South Africa’s official languages. This year’s competition focused on youth dramas. Charles J Fourie won the ...

Trencherman: Venter's Anatomy of Visionlessness in Translation

2008-07-28 Title: Trencherman (Originally Horrelpoot)Author: Eben Venter; translated by Luke StubbsPublisher: Tafelberg, 2008Format: PaperbackPages: 321ISBN: 978 0 624 04651 6Click on the cover of Trencherman to order your copy of the book from ...

Whiplash will get you thinking

Beryl Eichenberger 2008-07-04

Sunday Times Alan Paton Award 2007: Ivan Vladslavić for Portrait with Keys

Ivan Vladislavić, Ivan Vladislavić Books and writers 2007-06-20

Written over eight years, Ivan Vladislavić’s Portrait with Keys - Joburg & What What is a sequence of 138 passages depicting a shifting Johannesburg.