Zubayr Charles

Zubayr Charles

Zubayr Charles grew up in the beautiful Bo-Kaap neighbourhood. He has been teaching English Home Language, as well as co-ordinating the Drama Club at Good Hope Seminary Girls’ High School. “But I have always dreamed about being a writer,” he says.

“I write short stories, but I also consider myself a poet, playwright and an aspiring author. In 2019 I showcased my first play dealing with gender-based violence, The Battered Housewives’ Club.” Zubayr is in the process of self-publishing a poetry anthology based on the gentrification of the Bo-Kaap. He is studying for a Master’s degree at UCT, specialising in creative writing.

Kommadagga essay: Music and my father

Zubayr Charles Opinion 2020-11-12

"My father and I go for months without speaking to each other. This ongoing cycle usually starts after he says something crude and vulgar, mixed with colourful language, and I’m left thinking about why I forgave him for his prior transgression."