Heidi Henning

Heidi Elisabeth Henning was born in Johannesburg, and attended Roedean School South Africa, where she was awarded the English Essay Prize. She went on to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand, and a Master of Science in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. She has been published in New Contrast Literary Journal and had one piece of fiction published by Edinburgh University Press.
She has lived in the UK, Namibia and South Africa, and currently lives on a farm in South Africa with her partner and two young daughters. She has just published her first collection of poetry entitled Misheard, on Amazon and Xlibris.


Water Fragments

Heidi Henning 2013-11-13 "A pool, surrounded by rock, quiet green fronds of ferns swaying
A strong chlorinated chill in an unidentified, deeply known place"


Heidi Henning 2013-10-29 "The rays of light have become irresponsible
They sparkle with a slightly more subtle shine"

Wind Cathedral

Heidi Henning 2013-09-18

"This place is quiet
silence dominates the days
before sunset, a breeze begins to move the sand"


Heidi Henning 2013-09-18

"The heart carries loss like a soldier
Stoic, strong, continuing to function"

Stormy weather

Heidi Henning 2013-08-27

"The collecting of clouds, gathering grey matter
behind the blue gum trees
magnifying the bird calls
the rising humidity"

Night swimming

Heidi Henning 2013-06-25 Your dreams are shipwrecked
paint-washed, bleached
boxed in the sea, floating unidentified.


Heidi Henning 2013-06-04

"If I could hold you
in my bowl-shaped hands"


Heidi Henning 2013-05-20 "...die pornografie van Son wat
uithang en bed toe gaan."  


Heidi Henning 2013-05-20 "A border becomes a gateway
they stamp over the barbed wire, fearless,
moving into a softer place"

Nursery school

Heidi Henning 2013-03-20 Heidi Henning creates a delightful space in a goat kraal for a story about two little girls

"Remember when" by Heidi Henning

Heidi Henning 2012-11-01

"Jewel" by Heidi Henning

Heidi Henning 2012-11-01

"Play" by Heidi Henning

Heidi Henning 2012-10-31 Would you also want to keep all those
things away
when you play?
Pretend to be beyond
what the hours shake back and forth


Heidi Henning 2012-08-31 "This stretch of land
has known battles
long into the backlog of time"

My Africa

Heidi Henning 2012-07-17 Heidi Henning writes about Africa – but not all of it.