Heidi Henning

Heidi Elisabeth Henning was born in Johannesburg, and attended Roedean School South Africa, where she was awarded the English Essay Prize. She went on to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand, and a Master of Science in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. She has been published in New Contrast Literary Journal and had one piece of fiction published by Edinburgh University Press.
She has lived in the UK, Namibia and South Africa, and currently lives on a farm in South Africa with her partner and two young daughters. She has just published her first collection of poetry entitled Misheard, on Amazon and Xlibris.



Heidi Henning Poësie 2018-05-31

"Everything is spiraling, feathery"


Heidi Henning Poësie 2017-11-23

"in a seeming miracle of survival
a land where the rushing waterfall plummets into the Zambezi"


Heidi Henning New writing 2017-07-21

"Something is birthing
a nameless malady ..."

Night Watch

Heidi Henning New writing 2016-08-02

"Forgotten honey and milk ..."

The Anatomy of a Fall

Heidi Henning 2014-03-26 This fall
Is a graceless arc, a jump into the darkness


Heidi Henning 2014-03-04

"we are an arranged chorus
we get the lines
the social machines
the online medical schemes
the ability to be vacuum-bred"

The loud silence

Heidi Henning 2014-01-28

"An unexpressed, swallowed roar
The confluence of a rushing water flow
Suffocated breath"


Heidi Henning 2014-01-28

"She looked up, nightly
She looked through the crystal stars
Those gossiping stars
Not giving them any attention
She looked past them, seeing only her pain
Reflected back."

Lemon people

Heidi Henning 2014-01-21

"I crouch next to her. It smells like moss and lemon verbena. I run my finger over the lemon man. He has freckles from the dust."


Heidi Henning 2014-01-14 "This poetry, from the highways of illusion, of illumination."


Heidi Henning 2014-01-14 "Swallowing regret as he reads
The rustle of a light and air exposed page
Coughing out a smoky stained breath"

Viral dependency

Heidi Henning 2014-01-14

"The Gutenberg press wilts under an abandoned canvas
three-dimensional caress of the pen has faded"


Heidi Henning 2014-01-10

"One small drop of this quiet
Falling from the dappled shade, carried by the breeze"

Whimsical generator

Heidi Henning 2013-12-04

"You and I have a complicated relationship
Like a long unbalanced equation
Requiring a clear mind, in the heat-fatigued night"


Heidi Henning 2013-11-20 "Long into the afternoon shadows
As I search through the dark pool of sounds
for the same lost call."