Heidi Henning

Heidi Elisabeth Henning was born in Johannesburg, and attended Roedean School South Africa, where she was awarded the English Essay Prize. She went on to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand, and a Master of Science in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. She has been published in New Contrast Literary Journal and had one piece of fiction published by Edinburgh University Press.
She has lived in the UK, Namibia and South Africa, and currently lives on a farm in South Africa with her partner and two young daughters. She has just published her first collection of poetry entitled Misheard, on Amazon and Xlibris.



Heidi Henning New writing 2021-06-30

"I followed the footprints, 
Jumping to gauge the width, 
Through rain and drought-stricken ground, 
I followed you."


Heidi Henning New writing 2021-06-09

"You are the learners of landscape, 
Listeners of the berg wind, 
Its strong voice shouting through dark nights"


Heidi Henning New writing 2021-04-07

"I’ll meet you in ten minutes 
At Cafe Anton for coffee 
You’ll be early as always 
Waiting for me" 


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"Visions of soft, weeping rain drenching fynbos
A lonely, cold krantz echoing baboon and jackal"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"The power of a soothing, steaming
Slightly searing Epsom salts bath"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-05-14

"Combining human touch and technology
The net of memory
The web of unity"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-02-19

"lit like fisherman’s lantern
Swinging in a dark sea"

White butterflies

Heidi Henning New writing 2020-02-05

“Dancing, delicate
Bleached and starched”

The fireburnt mind

Heidi Henning New writing 2019-10-09

“Scattered ashes of daydreams”

Toy designers

Heidi Henning New writing 2019-10-08

“We pick the struggling succulents
Sparsely scattered on the barely surviving
Bleached lawn, prickled with camel thorns”


Heidi Henning New writing 2019-07-18

"As dusk settles with the dust, cattle dreams still linger"


Heidi Henning New writing 2019-04-17

"The days are paler: plump, acidic, 
Granny Smith apple days."

Flower festival

Heidi Henning Poësie 2019-03-20

"The sweated-out, nudging prize-giving:
Neurotic nasturtiums pant for accolade,
Then frown,
Bow down;
Judges criticise their presentation."

Three poems by Heidi Henning

Heidi Henning Poësie 2019-03-06

"on those nights
I am home-grown,
cared for, cured from cold"

Drowning on air

Heidi Henning Poësie 2018-05-31

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