Darryl David

Darryl Earl David, van Howick in KwaZulu-Natal, is die enigste Indiër-dosent van Afrikaans in Suid-Afrika. Vir die afgelope 20 jaar is die Afrikaanse letterkunde totaal en al sy lewe.

Maar hy is veral bekend as die stigter van Suid-Afrika (en Afrika) se enigste Boekedorp, Richmond in die Karoo.

Hy is ook die persoon wat boekefeeste op die literêre kaart van Suid-Afrika gevestig het. Hy is die stigter van die BookBedonnerd Fees op Richmond, die Schreiner-fees op Cradock, die Midlands Literary Festival in Howick, die JM Coetzee-fees op Richmond, die Breyten Breytenbach-boekefees op Montagu, en die enigste Kinderboekfees in Suid-Afrika, wat in Pietermaritzburg gehou word; en onlangs het hy die reëling van die Fugard-fees oorgeneem.

Hy is ook die medeskrywer van twee boeke: 101 Country Churches of SA en A Platteland Pilgrimage: 102 Country Churches of SA. Hy werk tans aan twee nuwe boeke wat hopelik aan die einde van 2015 klaar sal wees. Sy vyfde boek, het hy homself belowe, sal ‘n roman wees.

Stellenbosch bid for Unesco City of Literature status

Darryl David Opinion 2021-07-29

"I have dreamt of this day for over a decade. Despite the numerous obstacles we faced putting this bid together, the planets seem to have aligned and in little over three months time we will know whether our bid to Unesco has been successful."

The heart of Howick

Darryl David Opinion 2021-07-15

"Amid the panic for food, though, a strong narrative of the resilience of communities is playing out. We have all seen and heard of communities having to mobilise into security cells to protect their communities. That communities have been forced to do this is nothing short of a disgrace."

Seen elsewhere: NO FOOD to buy in Howick

Darryl David Elders gesien 2021-07-13

"All but two of the supermarkets have been looted. And no shops are open. Most people in town are living on milk and bread."

South African Festival of Children’s Literature: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2021-07-02

"With this festival, I wanted to honour the unloved writers. For writers of children’s literature are, in a sense, the unloved ones. They never get the credit they deserve."

The Madibaland World Literary Festival: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2020-11-19

"We may be divided by oceans. We may be divided by time zones, and circumstances, and more. But we are linked by stories, by our desire to dialogue – and I think this festival will be the perfect chance to celebrate that."

Programme: Madibaland World Literary Festival 2020

Darryl David Books and writers 2020-11-19

"There has never been a festival quite like the Madibaland World Literary Festival – and you’re invited," says Darryl David, Director of the Madibaland World Literary Festival. Here is the full programme, as provided by Darryl David.

Press release: Madibaland World Literary Festival, 20–30 November 2020

Darryl David Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-09-03

"It’s going to be the festival of the year, beams Darryl David! 'It might very well be the only festival of the year, but boy will it make up for the many that we missed!'"

Racism by the book

Darryl David Books and writers 2020-06-22

"Is Niq saying what I think he is saying? That white judges will choose white winners? And, by implication, black judges will choose black winners? How else is one to interpret his quote, 'But when the judges are white, the people who win will be white'? The judging process is, at the best of times, a highly subjective act, and is not swayed by the race of judges."

The three-letter plague

Darryl David Opinion 2020-06-04

"This three-letter plague is also responsible for a few strange symptoms. It causes blindness in its followers."

The world’s largest online literary festival

Darryl David Books and writers 2020-04-16

"The coronavirus has turned the world on its head. Every day, I hear echoes of Morgan Freeman’s voice from the movie Deep impact in my head. The coronavirus is indeed a deep impact moment. As an evangelist of the literary arts, I have agonised over what this moment means for us."

Adam Small-fees 2020: ’n onderhoud met Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Feeste 2020-02-20

"Lank nadat ons dood is, gaan Adam Small in Pniël en die Afrikaanse letterkunde bly lewe." 

Adam Small-fees 2020: program

Darryl David Feeste 2020-02-13

Die Adam Small-fees vind van 21 tot 23 Februarie 2020 in Pniël plaas. Die program is saamgestel en aan LitNet verskaf deur Darryl David en aangebied in samewerking met die Pniël-museum.

BookBedonnerd XII: ’n onderhoud met Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Feeste 2019-10-23

"Hierdie fees, Naomi, het 'hart' – dis sonder fieterjasies. Dis ’n fees waar skrywers hulle eie boeke smous. En dis ’n fees waar ’n mens unieke boeke sal ontdek."

Hermanus, UNESCO City of Gastronomy? An interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Lifestyle and entertainment 2019-08-19

Darryl David talks to Naomi Meyer about the leading of a very special bid.

Durban Literary Festival: An interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2019-06-06

"Durban is not merely about sunshine, beaches, surfing and bunny chows.  ... We must ride the Unesco City of Literature wave – the first on South African shores and the first on the African continent. As a city, we need to honour and celebrate our literary heritage."