Darryl David

Darryl Earl David, van Howick in KwaZulu-Natal, is die enigste Indiër-dosent van Afrikaans in Suid-Afrika. Vir die afgelope 20 jaar is die Afrikaanse letterkunde totaal en al sy lewe.

Maar hy is veral bekend as die stigter van Suid-Afrika (en Afrika) se enigste Boekedorp, Richmond in die Karoo.

Hy is ook die persoon wat boekefeeste op die literêre kaart van Suid-Afrika gevestig het. Hy is die stigter van die BookBedonnerd Fees op Richmond, die Schreiner-fees op Cradock, die Midlands Literary Festival in Howick, die JM Coetzee-fees op Richmond, die Breyten Breytenbach-boekefees op Montagu, en die enigste Kinderboekfees in Suid-Afrika, wat in Pietermaritzburg gehou word; en onlangs het hy die reëling van die Fugard-fees oorgeneem.

Hy is ook die medeskrywer van twee boeke: 101 Country Churches of SA en A Platteland Pilgrimage: 102 Country Churches of SA. Hy werk tans aan twee nuwe boeke wat hopelik aan die einde van 2015 klaar sal wees. Sy vyfde boek, het hy homself belowe, sal ‘n roman wees.

SA Festival of Children’s Literature 2024: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2024-04-30

"Rather than charge an entrance fee, we want children to be able to go home with a book or at least carry a story that they heard at the festival in their hearts for the rest of their school days, at least."

Books on the Bay Festival 2024: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2024-03-19

"Midway through my second passion fruit and lemonade, I said that a region so rich in literary history deserves a literary festival of its own. To which David [Attwell] replied: 'Why don’t we do it?'"

Die Adam Small Boekefees | 23 tot 25 Februarie 2024 in Pniël: ’n onderhoud met Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Feeste 2024-02-16

"Die fees is daar om ’n platform te gee aan Afrikaapse (bruin) skrywers wat nooit erkenning gekry het vir hul literêre werke nie, soos Adam Small, maar dit sal altyd ’n veelrassige, veeltalige fees wees en almal is welkom om dit by te woon. Toegang tot die Adam Small-fees is absoluut gratis, pasella, verniet, danksy ons borge."


In what is vanishing: a reader’s impression of Durban’s Casbah by Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed

Darryl David Books and writers 2023-12-09

"Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed must be credited for making me see new beauty in what is vanishing. And for elevating the Durban Casbah to the pantheon of great South African places like District Six and Sophiatown."

Mr BookFestivals talks about his autobiography, BookBedonnerd | Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023

Darryl David, Mphuthumi Ntabeni Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023-12-06

The conversation meanders through churchyards, book towns, festivals and academic departments. Darryl David, the man who has started so many book festivals, also talks about his love for his wife, his daughter, his dogs and church buildings.

Madibaland @ Bookbedonnerd 2023: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-10-19

"When we created Book Town Richmond, that Obama phrase, 'the audacity of hope', was uppermost in my mind. Because it was sheer audacity to create a Book Town with not a cent to our names. It was sheer audacity to think that writers and bibliophiles would travel nearly 1 000 kilometres to a book festival. And somehow, here we are. Seventeen years later. Against all odds."

On racism at book festivals

Bettina Wyngaard, Darryl David, Izak de Vries Opinion 2023-09-28

"White supremacy must be stopped. Festivals should be safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces to all."

A place to call home: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2023-07-18

"And maybe A place to call home might have been produced by my subconscious, trying to work through that grief. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and leaving Howick made the life I lived there just so vivid. In many ways the story of my Egyptian geese is the story of my life."

Darryl David on the SA Festival of Children’s Literature

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2023-05-04

"Tickets are R50. Children under 12 enter for free when accompanied by an adult. And if you are in another province, remember you can join our talks via Zoom."

Adam Small Festival 2023: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-02-23

Darryl David praat met Naomi Meyer oor vanjaar se Adam Small-fees, wat op 24 tot 26 Februarie in Pniël plaasvind. | Darryl David chats to Naomi Meyer about this year’s Adam Small Festival, taking place in Pniël from 24 to 26 February 2023.

Seen elsewhere: Our boy One Ear had died

Darryl David Elders gesien 2023-01-04

"When you tell people your donkey died, they are conditioned to laugh, such is the stigma attached to a donkey. But he was a member of our family. I turned down a job at UWC because of him."

To swim or not to swim

Darryl David Opinion 2022-12-08

"The beach quandary arose after I read a Rapport article, 'Jy swem eers, dan swem ons, Meneer die Burgemeester', which stated that Durban may be forced to keep their beaches closed due to high E. coli levels in the water."

Darryl David on the Madibaland Richmond Festival

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2022-11-02

"That single link will bring you into the Book Town Richmond’s Headquarters where you can hear every speaker. FOR FREE!" Darryl David talks to Naomi Meyer about the upcoming Richmond Madibaland Festival, which kicks off on Wednesday, 2 November in Richmond.

Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée: Days like this

Darryl David Opinion 2022-10-06

"Yes, every now and again, you curate the most perfect book festival imaginable. And the Etienne Van Heerden Veldsoirée over the Heritage Day weekend was one such festival. With BookBedonnerd a month away, I'm worried we might have peaked too early."

The Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée through my lens

Darryl David Leefstyl 2022-09-29

Festival director Darryl David shares his pictures of the Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée which took place from 23 to 25 September 2022 in Cradock.