Add hope: Socially conscious advertising

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Two major South African award ceremonies in the advertising industry took place recently: the Pendoring awards on the 20th and the Loeries on the 21st of September 2013.

Humour and social commentary on the South African situation seemed to be common themes, judging by some of the award-winning advertisements. The Umpetha award went to this funny Nando's advertisement for Black River FC:

Draftfcb Cape Town was awarded a gold Pendoring for this socially responsible Engen advertisement:

After attending the Pendoring gala evening, Naomi Meyer noted with interest the new marketing campaign of Kentucky Fried Chicken by Ogilvy Johannesburg.

She asked Doug Smart, Managing Director for KFC SA, and Lauren Turnbull, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorships Manager for KFC SA, about the changes an advertisement can bring about.

Hi Doug/Lauren, thank you for making time to chat. In a world where branding is everything, it is a radical thing to change your logo – even for a short period. Please tell our readers why KFC have decided to replace the Colonel with the face of a small child for a while?

We’ll be replacing our Colonel logo with the thing we value most: South Africa's hungry children. This October the iconic colonel will change to the smiling faces of children. These boys and girls represent the children who benefit from the Add Hope donations that customers continue to make in-store. They’re a reminder that every cent of your R2 donation goes to feeding a child lovingly cared for by one of our 90 beneficiaries, a child who, thanks to a full tummy, can grow, learn and thrive. We often get asked about our Add Hope initiative. Changing our store fronts to show the children's faces we hope to raise awareness of child hunger this World Hunger Month. We also hope that through this campaign we can educate people about the difference Add Hope does make to children in South Africa. Add Hope, through its partner beneficiaries, is currently feeding 40 000 children a month. W also want to remind people that every cent of their R2 goes directly to our beneficiaries who care for and feed the children.

Shocking statistics in your press release – about twelve million South Africans going hungry every day. The other day a lecturer at a prominent university in this country told me that many of his students spend their money on books and then have nothing left for food. Tell our readers what difference your company would like to make – and how?

Add Hope was launched in 2009 and it sits on KFC's menu as a “menu item” – instead of asking customers to donate money, our team members ask them to “Add Hope”, which costs just R2.

Our focus is on giving South Africa’s hungry children the nutrition they need in order to live, grow and thrive, because a hungry nation simply cannot be a growing nation. We raise funds in two ways: from our KFC franchisees’ marketing contributions and from the R2 donations made by our customers in-store. We’re a brand that cares about the community and Add Hope is our way of showing it. We’re immensely passionate about it and to us it’s a partnership between ourselves, our franchisees and our customers for the greater good of the country.

KFC gives back too – a portion of each franchisee’s marketing contribution is allocated to the KFC Social Responsibility Trust and each franchisee can also support a particular beneficiary from their community through the Add Hope franchisee programme. Over the past four years, KFC Add Hope has raised R183 million and we hope to raise another R2 million during October alone.

A tricky matter, though, the effects that fast food can have on a society. Too much of it can create overweight adults and underfed children. How can you ensure that your campaign gives the hungry children the nutritious food they need?

We’re not directly involved in the actual food supply process – the beneficiaries we partner with feed the children nutritious meals to allow them to the follow a healthy and balanced diet, as they understand the needs of the community they work in. KFC covers all of the marketing and administrative costs, so every cent of a customer’s R2 donation goes to feeding a hungry child.

We believe that it’s essential to follow a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a balanced diet. We might be an occasional quick-service destination, but we’re always trying to improve the nutritional profile of our food while maintaining its great taste. We believe that children should lead active lifestyles and we’re trying to make sure that happens through our partnership with Cricket South Africa and sponsoring KFC Mini-Cricket. At the moment there are around 100 000 children in the programme, and we’re hoping to see those numbers rise.


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