Seen elsewhere: "The upside of lockdown"

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Sonia Cabano writes on Facebook:

Well, the upside of a long and very traumatic period of lockdown, extreme isolation and separation for all of us is that my children have both finally returned home, have learned to cook and clean properly after themselves, and have not only learned to shop sensibly for good, proper ingredients, but know what to do with them.

Chop. Peel. Grate. Steam. Fry. Sauté.


This, to me, is a massive progression in our own personal family evolution.

They cook brilliantly. Deliciously. They work seamlessly together as a team in our tiny kitchen and actually cook better and more interestingly than I do.

Both exceed at their studies online, and despite real trials, both are interesting, amusing and engaging humans, both love music and reading and my word ... they can cook.

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