Seen elsewhere: Some things that don’t ring true

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Photo credit: David Mark | Pixabay

As one commenter said: “Sy praat vlot k#k.”

Fiona Snyckers wrote on Facebook:

Quite apart from the comments about Afrikaans, Charlize said some other things that don’t ring true to the South African ear.

Will Arnett asked her if she struggled to lose her South African accent. She replied that she only learned to speak English at 19 and so had no accent to lose.

The girl grew up in Benoni with SABC TV and the bioscope. Every kid growing up in Benoni in the 80s could speak SOME English and one can only imagine what kind of strong South African accent she had in those days.

I completely understand how humour-based podcasts can lure one in to talking nonsense, but this is extreme.

As one commenter said: “Sy praat vlot kak.”

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  • Andreas Engelbrecht

    Did she try to be cool by badmouthing her own mother tongue? That’s a bit pathetic. Afrikaans is not dying or useless. It has millions of speakers. It is close to a number of other “germanic” languages like Dutch, Flemish and German. Knowing Afrikaans makes it much easier to acquire such languages than being a mono-lingual English speaker. Which is a sad linguistic and intellectual state to be in. Anyone can have English as an alternative language but many English speakers are sadly mono-lingual.
    Charlize appears to me like more of a has-been than ever and I won’t be singing her praises any time soon again.

  • Taylor Greyling Maria

    Hoe het sy dan fliekrolle gekry as sy eers op 19 Engels leer praat het?
    Dit maak nie sin nie.

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