Seen elsewhere: A funny experience while shopping for Christmas

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Photo: Andreas | Pixabay


“Crazy woman who lives in Mowbray”* shares a story on WhatsApp

I had a funny experience out shopping this morning. As I was walking to the Spar in Kloof Street, I was approached by two women who asked for money. I offered to take them into the shop, Sharika Cafe, and buy what they chose. I meant a sandwich or such like. They went dashing around piling up items for their children. Nappies, milk powder, etc; R2 434,00 later they were done!

As I was on a mission to find caviar for my family for Xmas eve, I thought why not rather hand that money on to people in need?

We have to keep on reminding ourselves how lucky we are. I’ll tell my grandson, who requested the caviar, where the money went.


* The real identity of the author is known to LitNet and we have permission to use the story. She did request anonymity and suggested the nom de guerre, due to her tireless work in uplifting the community.

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