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Penguin Random House South Africa stel hulle Oktober-boeke bekend.
Penguin Random House South Africa presents their October releases.

Die heelal op my tong
Anoeschka von Meck
Algemene Fiksie
978 1 4859 0410 6

Elkeen het ’n heelal in hul mond. Keuses wat jou wentelbaan van uur tot uur bepaal.

Willemien is keelvol vir dik wees. En bang wees vir kaas en vir inkopies doen. Hoe kan mens so verwyderd van jouself wees dat jy van buite liederlik obees is, maar in jou kop sing jy vry en kaal op ’n krans? Sy wonder waar kom die rondomskrik van haar lyf vandaan terwyl sy en haar sus in die vretende hitte van die Richtersveld ’n kluis in ’n winkeltrollie sleep. Willemien is vasbeslote om dit oor ’n afgrond te boender.

Voor hul eindbestemming het die langpad se strepe Willemien soos ’n ritssluiter oopgetrek. Dit smaak haar daar is ’n heelal op haar tong. Vir eens moes sy haar sprokieskarakter opgee om haar ware self te wees én te wys. Sy het dekades laas haar lyf bewoon. Haar suster moes hoor van die verlede. Van hul aardige ouers wat banger was vir oorgewig as ’n grondeis. ’n Ma wat paniekaanvalle oor suiwel en selluliet gekry het en ’n pa wat geen imperfeksie by sy vrou of dog­ters geduld het nie. Kilogram vir kilogram wou Willemien bieg en haarself dun praat. Die tong het immers mag oor lewe en dood.

Dié is ook die storie van Pa. Húlle pa. ’n Lagslimme Afrikaanse Al Capone, wie se innoverende sakeondernemings hom soms gedwing het om sy kantoor van agter tralies te bedryf. In Palm Springs dra Pa se lyfwagte koeldrank vir die FBI-agente aan vanwaar hulle die dollarboer en sy trigger-happy brigade dophou.

Van Kaapstad na San Francisco en ’n dwelmdieet in Sri Lanka – met ontvoerings, partytjies, ’n seksles in Hongkong se hawe en ’n onvermydelike ontmoeting met ’n onbekende man – tref Anoeschka von Meck se nuutste roman jou soos ’n reusegolf en spoel sy die verhoudings oop wat van ons soekende, spirituele wesens maak.

Anoeschka von Meck is die skrywer van die wegholsukses Vaselinetjie, wat meer as 100 000 boeke verkoop het.

Annelie Botes
’n Vertelbundel
978 1 77609 524 7

Voetstoots is ’n bontgejasde keur uit sestien jaar van Annelie se koerantrubrieke. Die temas is so wyd soos die Heer se genade. Rakende aan die torings van Babel wat ons bou. ’n Kind wat doodgeskok word terwyl hulle jagentjies speel. ’n Begrafnisbrief uit Holland. ’n Boer wat sy plaashek vir oulaas sluit. Toentertyd se poskoets en handsentrale. Die boks lang­speelplate in die gryse se waenhuis. Die smart om ’n kind te begrawe. ’n Glips met bensien in die tamatieslaai. ’n Sywurmhart wat sy in haar Bybel bêre. Mense sonder ’n woord van eer. ’n Eensame oom wie se hondjie op ’n sypaadjie doodgebyt is. ’n Lys van moets en moenies vir dames uit 1944. ’n Boks papsakwyn wat suur geword het.

Dis lag, huil, kwaadword, nostalgie, deernis, onbegrip en lewenswette saamgeryg in ’n kleurvolle lappieskombers. En Annelie is bedrewe met die rygnaald.

The History of Man
Siphiwe Ndlovu
978 1 4859 0421 2
Literary fiction

If The Great Gatsby were set in Africa, this would be it!

Penguin Random House South Africa is proud to announce the publication of the highly anticipated second novel by Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, winner of the 2019 Barry Ronge Fiction Prize for her debut novel The Theory of Flight.

We meet Emil Coetzee, a civil servant in his fifties, who is washing blood off his hands when the ceasefire is announced. He feels unmoored by the end of the conflict in his country, a southern African state that is never named; war had given him his sense of purpose and identity.

But why has Emil’s life turned out so different from his parents’, who spent cheery Friday evenings dancing the Charleston and the foxtrot? What happened to the Emil who used to wade through the singing elephant grass of the savannah, losing himself in it?

With empathy and a light touch, Ndlovu tells the story of Emil’s trajectory from boyhood to manhood – from his days at a privileged boarding school with the motto ‘It is here that boys become the men of history’, to his falling in love with the ever-elusive Marion, whose free-spirited nature has dire conse­quences for his heart – all the while showing how Emil becomes a man apart.

This powerful tale offers a refreshing take on our shared history.

Siphiwe Gloria is a writer, filmmaker and academic who holds a PhD from Stanford University, as well as master’s degrees in African Studies and Film from Ohio University. She has published re­search on Saartjie Baartman and she wrote, directed and edited the award-winning short film Graffiti. She was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Nine Letters
By John Webb
Contemporary Fiction
978 1 4859 0413 7

This is an uplifting novel that celebrates the power of letter-writing.

Meet Teddy Dickerson from Durban, a cynical, single, middle-aged lawyer who’s the very last of his family in South Africa. What’s left for him? A slow decline and a place at the old-age home where his prickly Aunt Val lives, no doubt.

But life sometimes brings surprises. When Aunt Val dies, she leaves an unusual bequest: her task for Teddy is to post letters to eight of her friends around the world, a job that will take him on a journey into new and unexpected territory.

When the replies start flowing in – quirky, unexpected and often hilarious missives from India, Egypt, England and America – Teddy realises there was more to his tough old aunt than he’d thought. Will he take on Aunt Val’s role as confidant and comforter of the lost? Could he?

This warm-hearted story from a talented author offers shrewd commentary on love, death, friend­ship, age and truth, and will have you laughing out loud. As a lawyer, the author has drawn on first-hand experience for the novel’s sub-plot, concerning an interesting and complex family court case.

‘Superb!’ wrote author Paige Nick. ‘Written with such ease and humour. I’m excited to add John Webb to my list of must-read authors.’

The Book of ProVerb
Tebogo Thekisho and Paballo Rampa
978 1 77609 487 5

‘A proverb, as you know, is a short statement of truth, and I wanted my material to be the truth or about the truth.’ – ProVerb

Tebogo Thekisho, better known as ProVerb, first caught South Africa’s attention in 2005 with the release of his now classic debut hip-hop album, The Book of ProVerb. As a teenager he sought music wherever he could find it, and recorded his first demo at age 15, using his mom’s hi-fi. From there, he hustled his way into a multifaceted, award-winning media career in music, radio and TV, crafting a reputation on platforms such as Channel O, Jam Alley and YFM. For over a decade he has been a regular on TV screens as the host of Idols South Africa.

In this memoir, Tebogo pays tribute to the people who’ve helped make him the person he is, especially his parents, his grandmother and his siblings. He shares the lessons he’s learnt through the different phases of his life with infectious positivity, but also gets frank about the dark times he’s endured, including his painfully public divorce and attempted suicide.

The Book of ProVerb is a memoir, a hustle manifesto, and a wholesome guide to life from one of South Africa’s brightest stars.

VBS: A Dream defrauded
Dewald van Rensburg
Current affairs; Politics
978 1 77609 544 5

Originally the Venda Building Society, VBS Mutual Bank was a small, little-known lender in Limpopo before it rocketed from obscurity in 2016 by giving President Jacob Zuma a controversial home loan to repay the state for improvements to his Nkandla homestead.

The bank was growing rapidly and sold itself as a fearless champion of black advance­ment. Its owner, Vele Investments, was on a meteoritic trajectory towards becoming a financial conglomerate worthy of national attention.

When the bank abruptly went into curatorship in March 2018, no one had any reason to doubt that it was just another unfortunate corporate failure. Then the astonishing truth emerged: the collapse of VBS was due to an epic R2-billion fraud that had created Vele’s empire out of thin air and left the bank a hollow shell.

VBS: A Dream Defrauded unravels the fraud, exploring how suspected mastermind Tshifhiwa Matodzi and his associates first took control of VBS, fed ANC patronage net­works and operated under a nationalist mantle endorsed by Venda royalty. The book explains how the bank and its shareholder Vele were seemingly built into a multibillion-rand business, exposes the political machinations that guaranteed VBS up to R3.5 billion in unlawful funding from municipalities and other state institutions, and describes the free-for-all that ensued after the bank’s collapse, when all involved tried to cover their tracks.

This book draws on interviews with VBS insiders and other role-players, as well as documents and detailed forensic evidence collected in the course of two years of investigations. This is a compelling account of a bank heist whose shockwaves continue to haunt the politicians, businessmen and traditional leaders who enabled it.

Dewald van Rensburg is an award-winning journalist with 14 years’ experience in business, economic and investigative reporting, much of it at City Press. He originally broke the story of VBS’s defrauding alongside his colleague Sipho Masondo at City Press and was subsequently responsible for many exposés around the bank’s demise. His work on the bank’s collapse secured him the coveted Sikuvile journalism awards for Investigation of the Year, Story of the Year and Journalist of the Year in 2019.

Dewald currently works at the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism and continues to focus on malfeasance in the private sector.

Promised Land, Exploring South Africa’s Land Conflict
Karl Kemp
Current affairs; Politics
978 1 77609 475 2

Land reform and the possibility of expropriation without compensation are among the most hotly debated topics in South Africa today, met with trepidation and fervour in equal measure. But these broader issues tend to obscure a more immediate reality: a severe hous­ing crisis and a sharp increase in urban land occupations.

In Promised Land, Karl Kemp travels the country documenting the fallout of failing land reform, from the under-siege Philippi Horticultural Area deep in the heart of Cape Town’s ganglands to the burning mango groves of Tzaneen, from Johannesburg’s lawless Deep South to rural KwaZulu-Natal, where chiefs own vast tracts of land on behalf of their subjects. He visits farming communities beset by violent crime, and provides gripping, on-the-ground reporting of recent land invasions, with perspectives from all sides, including land activists, property owners and government officials.

Kemp also looks at burning issues surrounding the land debate in South Africa – corrup­tion, farm murders, illegal foreign labour, mechanisation and eviction – and reveals the views of those affected. Touching on the history of land conflict and conquest in each area, as well as detailing the current situation on the ground, Promised Land provides startling insights into the story of land conflict in South Africa.

This is the first book to tackle South Africa’s housing crisis in the context of failing land reform.

Karl Kemp is a freelance writer from South Africa with an LLM in public international law from the University of Amsterdam. As a journalist, he has covered drug trafficking, gang violence, separatist movements, globalisation, nationalism and cultural identity, among other topics.

After completing his law degree, Kemp interned at the International Criminal Court, working in the investi­gations division as an analyst in the field of international criminal law, and as a legal researcher for an NGO grappling with the Syrian civil war. This is his first book.

’n Enkele verhaal, die jag op ’n reeksverkragter
Deon Wiggett
978 1 77609 560 5

In November 2019 het My Only Story, Deon Wiggett se sensasionele weeklikse podsending, Suid-Afrika meegevoer in sy jag op die pedofiel wat hom as skoolseun verkrag het. Nou, in ’n Enkele verhaal, vertel hy vir die eerste keer ’n Afrikaanse storie in Afrikaans – en voltooi hy sy ontmas­kering van Willem Breytenbach, die eens briljante onderwyser en latere mediabaas wat ’n donker lewe gelei het.

Deon se missie om ’n monster aan die kaak te stel, neem hom van Breytenbach se hoër-skooljare by die landbouskool op Kroonstad na die beroemde Grey Kollege in Bloemfontein en die globale reus Naspers. Maar sy kruistog gaan soveel verder. Namate hy sistemiese tekort­kominge by beroemde sowel as obskure skole ondersoek, onthul hy ’n kultuur van aandadigheid wat ’n ernstige gevaar vir ál Suid-Afrika se kinders inhou.

In die loop van sy ondersoek na mans wat op kinders jag maak, skep Deon ’n model wat enigiemand kan gebruik om pedofiele in hul midde te identifiseer. In sy eie woorde: “Dit is aan­genaam om voor te gee dat mans nie kinders verkrag nie, maar as jy eers aanvaar dat dit gebeur, word dit verrassend maklik om die roofdiere uit te ken. Wanneer jy eers ’n universele patroon met ’n spesifieke man se profiel vergelyk, kan jy die bedrog raaksien voor dit te laat is.”

’n Enkele verhaal is ’n boeiende, deurdagte en verrassend ondeunde storie van een man se vasberadenheid om sy kindertrauma te verwerk, ander te help om hul eie demone in die oë te kyk, en om ’n stukkie skoonheid terug te wen uit die jeug wat hy verloor het.

My Only Story, the hunt for a serial paedophile
Deon Wiggett
978 1 77609 560 5

In November 2019, Deon Wiggett’s sensational weekly podcasts held South Africa in thrall as he hunted down the paedophile who raped him as a schoolboy. Now, in My Only Story, he com­pletes his exposé of Willem Breytenbach, the once brilliant teacher and later media luminary who led a predatory life.

Deon’s mission to expose his abuser takes him from Breytenbach’s high-school years at an agricultural school in South Africa’s hinterland to the famous Grey College in Bloemfontein and the media titan Naspers. But his quest reveals so much more. As he traces systemic fail­ures through schools great and small, he uncovers a culture of complicity that poses a clear and present danger to the country’s children.

While investigating men who prey on boys and girls, Deon devises a model that anyone can use to identify paedophiles in their midst. In his own words: ‘It’s pleasant to pretend that men don’t rape children, but once you accept that they do, it becomes surprisingly easy to recognise their trickery. Once you match a universal pattern to a specific man’s profile, you can spot the deceit before it is too late.’

My Only Story is a riveting, thoughtful and often irreverent account of one man’s determi­nation to overcome childhood trauma; to help others face their demons; and to extract some beauty from the boyhood he lost.

Africa's Wild Dogs
Jocelin Kagan

There are only about 6,000 wild dogs left in Africa today yet these critically endangered creatures have cast such a spell on top wildlife photographer and naturalist Jocelin Kagan that she is determined to help to save them.

If left to their own devices, they are more than capable of thriving, as this sumptuous photographic natural history shows. In this book, Jocelin has also called in world experts to add their latest findings on these resourceful, graceful and highly skilled family groups.

Nomadic predators whose territories range thousands of kilometres, they hunt co-operatively, preying on small herbivores. Non-confrontational, they form complex and close family bonds, as this fascinating book reveals.

Now restricted to small populations and threatened by some shoot-to-kill policies, habitat fragmentation, diseases from domestic dogs, climate change and snares, as well as natural predation from hyenas and lions, these born survivors, the African wild dogs, will be supported by all the royalties from this book.

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