Nikita Coote

Nikita Coote

Nikita completed a certification in Copy-editing through the University of Cape Town in 2019, as well as a course in Creative Writing with Penguin Random House; the latter of which presented her with the opportunity to be mentored by South African author, Mike Nicol, through the process of writing her first novel. When not writing, Nikita can usually be found in her home in Stellenbosch surrounded by stacks of books, reading an average thirty of them a year.

Review: Sing down the stars by Nerine Dorman

Nikita Coote Books and writers 2020-05-04

"Though the sticker on the back may say 'Young adult', I am inclined to believe that the heroine’s age and childish mannerisms, as well as those of her friends, point towards a much younger target audience."

Review: Being Shelley by Qarnita Loxton

Nikita Coote Books and writers 2020-03-23

"My overall feeling towards the novel is exactly what you would expect: just not my cup of tea."

Review: The music box by Toby Bennett

Nikita Coote Books and writers 2020-02-12

"The music box treats its first half like a slow ascent up a steep rollercoaster, taking the time to show you the inner cogs of John’s thoughts, giving a carefully intimate look into the mind of a child in an abusive household."