James Woodhouse

Director of Woodhouse Literary and Rights, a literary agency specialising in African fiction and backlist rights.

Wilbur Smith, an obituary

James Woodhouse Books and writers 2021-12-13

"And then, out of a crowd, there he was – standing at my table with his hand held out. To this day I can still hear his voice in my head, see that wry smile. ‘James Woodhouse,’ he said. ‘I’m Wilbur Smith.’ As if he needed to introduce himself."

One Man vs "One Man"

James Woodhouse, Naomi Meyer 2014-12-04 James Woodhouse, publisher at Kwela, tells Naomi Meyer about a literary coincidence – some real life crime fiction.

The landscape of South African publishing – James Woodhouse discusses his appointment as Publisher at Kwela

James Woodhouse, Naomi Meyer 2012-05-25 "Look at any list you like and you will see that Ena Murray – not John van der Ruit – is South Africa’s true superstar."