This is Brazil – Christ the Redeemer

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You always remember your first
or so they say …
It was the first time Mother and I left the country
Boarding a flight to Brazil,
it still seems unreal.

Majestic mountains,
multitudes of people singing and dancing,
delicious foreign cuisine,
cosmic colourful beaches, and
a kaleidoscope of people surrounding us
is just the tip of what we experienced.

For two weeks
this felt like home.
Communicating with hand gestures
and traveling like tourists,
with paper maps
we navigated our way around São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

It rained for days on end
but we were determined to see Christ.
After several busses, trains and a shuttle from Ilha do Governador
we finally arrived at Corcovado.
As if that wasn’t enough
we still had to walk up uncountable steps to reach the top of the mountain.

The magnitude of the moment
was too insurmountable to put into words.
We were in total awe, soaking wet and speechless.
At last!
We met our Redeemer
and what an encounter it was.

The words of Isaiah 52:7 dawned upon me,
How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him.
The moment was larger than life itself
just like the statue.
The view was just as spectacular,
picture perfect postcard quality.

I waved the South African flag,
our symbol of hope
in front of Him
who is our representation of peace,
Mother even took a picture.
A remarkable moment I wouldn’t mind to relive.

this was what I needed.
To remind myself that God puts things into perspective.
Cristo Redentor’s open arms
welcomes people of all races, cultural backgrounds and continents.
I was lucky enough to be one of those people.

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