Tali’s #babydiary: TV review

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*The review is based on the first two episodes.

Tali Babes is back and – surprise! – she’s pregnant! While she works on her new look as a momfluencer, Darren and Rael negotiate the choppy waters of the Cape Town property game. And, of course, none of it will be smooth sailing.

Tali’s wedding diary was a truly witty, clever satirical take on influencers, property developers, hipsters, hippies, capitalists, etc. Yes, shots were fired at everyone. Even though it started off being funny and irreverent, the series thankfully turned rather dark and serious towards the end. Tali, who was initially vacuous yet likeable, became a mean-spirited bully who was atrocious to everyone, but especially to the meek and mild Darren.

Satire can alienate viewers if there is no humanity to hold onto. The characters in Tali’s wedding diary were fortunately well balanced – larger than life, yet human. You laughed at their prejudices and faults, but felt empathy when their worlds came crashing down, and you certainly allowed them their redemption.

If the opening scene of Tali’s baby diary is anything to go by, we are in for yet another treat. The “second season” hits the ground running – the first two episodes are even wittier and more over the top than Tali’s wedding diary, but the characters are already drawn with humanity, with heart. The script, the direction, the actors are all on point.

Here’s to Tali’s baby diary building on this great start and taking South African television to another level.

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