Seen on Facebook: COVID-19 – a few observations

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Emile Joubert writes on Facebook:

Ok, I had a skirmish with Corona. All good now, fortunately. But seeing as the chances of infection are growing and I don’t wish this disease on anyone, just a few observations if I may:

  • You and others can have this thing without showing any symptoms. When my test turned positive I had no fever, cough, muscle pain, nothing.
  • Don’t try and handle it on your own. Once the symptoms came, I was reduced to a shivering prostrate wreck for 5 days and nights. If you live alone and get infected, get assistance before the onset of the real symptoms. A friend. Medical services. Anything. Please.
  • The major panic is the vice-grip on the chest when you get-up and move. It really is terrible, and the first few times panic sets in as your breath goes. Relax, control and pace yourself.
    You have no appetite, nothing. But try to ingest small amounts of yoghurt or soup. The weaker you remain, the longer the recovery.
  • Trace and contact: as soon as test comes out positive, immediately contact anyone you have been close to.
  • My severe symptoms were for five days – all-in-all I was out for 14 days from test to all-clear. Keep in contact with your GP who will make the call on hospitalisation.

That’s it from my side. All I want to do is, in any small way, raise the awareness. Corona is more than a political-economic-social issue about which everyone has an opinion. It is a truly unpleasant disease no-one wants to get, and I don’t wish anyone to have.

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