Seen elsewhere: Facebook remains a constant miracle in my life

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This picture was taken by Suyin while travelling in Switzerland. She is currently mentoring people at an existential, or life, crossroads and is offering free chats. If you are interested, she would love for you to PM her.

Annelie Ferreira wrote on Facebook:

Facebook remains a constant miracle in my life. The connections I’ve made with fascinating people all over the globe have enriched my life beyond measure. And yes, of course I’m talking about you! (For balance I’ve also learnt valuable lessons about boundaries. While I have to admit that perfect people make me nervous, I’m also not really comfortable in the company of those who clearly enjoy letting their demons loose on others.)

If you’re lucky, once in a while a truly luminous soul will cross your path.

Like Suyin Tan.

Years ago we connected briefly through a mutual Facebook friend.

And then a few months ago she made a sweet comment on one of my posts, and we started chatting. I discovered her blog on Substack, A Tangerine Moon, and was enchanted by it.

Suyin was born in Singapore, but has lived all over the world, in New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Cape Town. After working as a lawyer in London for ten years a longing for a more soulful life stirred in her so intensely that she packed up and set off to wherever her heart was guiding her.

She was searching for herself.

When I was younger, I envied people who seemed to know exactly who they were and where they belonged. Now I know that exploring new capacities within you, and opening up to others in new ways, is a job that’s never done, because the world around us keeps changing. A traditional community can provide stability and the comfort of the known, but typically not many choices. Life is just simpler when fewer options are given to us.

But it can also be stifling.

Suyin’s words in her blog resonated with me.

I write as a lover of the beauty found in the seen and the unseen, in the light and in the shadows, from the perspective of one who lives at the border — “in sight of two worlds and looking towards the unknown”.

My writing at A Tangerine Moon explores themes of finding home and belonging through displacement, leaving behind the path well-trodden to step into the great unknown, the nectar of slow and solo travel, and the art of walking in beauty wherever we are on the journey.

I also reflect on the creative act and process, and what it’s taught me about the art of becoming – of living in full and honest expression, without compromise or compartmentalization.

Nobody can walk your path for you. But we can walk with each other in many different ways.

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