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sadness cannot be contained 
nor repressed 
it seeps unceremoniously 
through the tiniest slit 
of words thoughts feelings 
into a mangled forest 
of regret and pain 
sadness cannot be contained 
nor repressed 
it hides behind your eyes 
slithers uninvited into 
your mouth 
drools over 
your hands groping for air 
sadness cannot be caught or tamed 
flies its flags of wrath and revenge 
over the empty plains of your heart 
run away if you want 
think you can conquer its venom 
around the turn truth lies in wait 
haunts you all the way back to 
where sadness’s cloak bellows in the wind 
and beckons you to come inside 
its folds familiar dark and musty 
sadness gifts you with amulets of tears 
as charms against the heaviness inside 
leads you to a lonely bridge 
with a wonderful view 
it nudges you slightly 
and as you fall 
one with the wind 
it lies you down neatly but bloody 
on the ground 
and as sadness cannot be contained 
nor repressed 
it leaves satisfied with the last whisper 
of air from your lips

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