SA Illustrators: Louis Minnaar

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Name: Louis Minnaar
Photo: Morné van Zyl

’n Skrikkel/A Leap, by Louis Minnaar


What is your day job?

Visual artist (director, illustrator, designer, animator).


Where has your illustration work been published?

A look away; SL; Contempo; One Small Seed; Animation World Network; Pangram online; Design Indaba magazine.



What road did you follow to launch your career as an illustrator?

Just kept on drawing.

What is your preferred medium, and why do you enjoy working in this particular medium?  

I like starting with good old pencil and paper, but it almost always ends up being dragged into digital environments and filled up with artificial colours. I think it opens up doors that I can’t open with my pencil.

Are there specific genres or types of texts that you enjoy illustrating?

Yes, I like drawing things out of the ordinary.

Are you an avid reader? Who are your favourite authors?  

I read a lot of sci-fi novels, eg Arthur C Clark. I think this really influences me in many ways.

Which writer, living or dead, would you most like to collaborate with? What would the fictional book be about that you would work on together?

I would love to work with Michel Gondry, although I think he might run the show if we ever did, so I wouldn’t have much say in anything. I would be happy to make coffee for that guy.

Do you have an ideal audience/reader in mind when you create an image or a series of illustrations?

It really depends on the client.

Which one of your illustration projects so far stands out as a favourite, and why?

I really enjoyed a show I did with Gerhard Uys which incorporated his photographs and my illustrations super-imposed on to them. It was something a little different.

For more information about Louis and his work, visit his website.

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