Rotten Tomato: Lovely, Still - Mostly enchanting, completely tragic

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Title: Lovely, Still
Director: Nicholas Fackler
Cinematography: Sean Kirby
Starring: Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 71%
Reney's Score: 75%

Lovely, Still is a gentle film utterly worth watching, but when sitting down to view it, one should preferably know nothing about the film. (Except that the performances by veterans Ellen Burstyn (79) and Martin Landau (80) will steal your heart and, to some extent, break it.) Lovely, Still should be allowed to reveal itself to you when it is ready.

In a nutshell
I am going to lie to you. I am going to pretend Lovely, Still is about Robert and Mary meeting in their old age and falling in love. Watch the film!

Mood of the film
Mostly enchanting, yet completely tragic.

Best one-liner
“It’s not me that is leaving you; it is you that is leaving me.”

Watch the film and you will understand why this is the pivotal line/scene in the film, one that does your head in!

Best performance
It’s a tie.

Stand-out scene
When Mary opens the wrong Christmas present she discovers something both spine-chilling and heart-rending. Watch the film!

The love story initially seems too good to be true and it is a tad too schmaltzy, which might tempt a few souls to lose interest. Don’t! It is intentional and totally worth it. Watch the film!

Is the film relevant today?
I cannot tell you why this film is relevant today without giving away the plot and spoiling a great film and its relevance in this day and age. Watch the film!

Lovely, Still is rated PG for thematic material, mild language and brief smoking!


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