Promotion: The Blanket Tree books | Promosie: Die Kombersboomboeke

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The children’s picture book series, The Blanket Tree books (Die Kombersboomboeke in Afrikaans), were written and developed during the time of lockdown by Hélène Ferreira.

“Blanket” refers to these comforting, inclusive fantasies, modern-day fairy tales for everyone. The word “tree” signifies growth, learning, renewal and development.

The books are aimed at a wide audience, with literacy in mind. Preschoolers can read along with the help of engaging pictures and colourful theme words in the text. Parents, or more proficient readers, can read the lyrical, rhythmical, rhyming texts – so the whole family can “sing along” and remember the words.

The books teach little life lessons.

A central theme of all the books is that anyone can be the hero – even the smallest or the most unlikely character. There is a nod to the involvement of a possible Higher Power in some of the books, with strong female characters in most.

The hope is to create a world in pictures and text where different people live together in harmony and grow together through adversity and fantasy adventures.

The rainbow boat
Hélène Ferreira
ISBN 978-1-92849796-7
Illustrated by Creature of Habit – Creative by Nature

The rainbow boat is a fantasy adventure and the first book in the series. The crew of girls in this little boat encounter an island of boys, where they learn to make friends and get along happily. Three boys join the crew and the children sail from island to mythical island, enjoying great adventures!

In travels, as in life, danger can sometimes lurk in new places. Together these intrepid children explore and face their challenges. They discover unexplored islands and meet interesting people. They learn life lessons and earn their stripes on the way to finding their happy place.

The storm tree
Hélène Ferreira
ISBN 978-062095427-3
Illustrated by Creature of Habit – Creative by Nature

The storm tree is the second book in The Blanket Tree books series.

In this book an ancient tree on a hill is inspired by music to start growing musical instruments. The landowner ponders the reason and initially tries to profit from this harvest. When a storm breaks out, the tree’s powerful music leads everyone up to safety on the hill. The tree basks in the glory afterwards, but not for long …

The storm tree has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®. The storm tree is a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient.

Die geel sambreel
Hélène Ferreira
ISBN 978-062096623-8
Illustrasies deur Willem S van der Merwe

Die geel sambreel is die derde kinderboek deur Hélène Ferreira en die eerste Afrikaanse boek in hierdie reeks.

Die geel sambreel is uitgelê in die styl van ’n koffietafelfotoboek. Dit is ’n reisverhaal wat van die sambreel se superheldavonture vertel. In die hande van ’n uitvinder word ’n geel sambreel uit ’n herwinde seil gebore. Die wind skep die seil en die superheldkaperjolle begin!

Die leser is nooit seker of dit ’n towersambreel is, of die elemente maar net per toeval ingryp en die sambreel kunsmatig animeer, en of daar ’n Hoër Hand by hierdie reeks klaarblyklike reddingspogings betrokke is nie. Dit moet die leser uitvind …


Die boeke word versprei deur SULA Boeke en is landwyd in alle boekwinkels en aanlyn beskikbaar.

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