Lost, found and never found

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They say we are dreamers
But I’m not
Too realistic,
too broken to be bought.

We hope for tomorrow
Plead for today
forgive and forget

I want you to stop for a second
Why do you run around,
like there’s somewhere to go?

Oh, Darling, don’t you know?
We are all bruised souls being sold at the market
Who knows who’s priceless and who is cheap?
Only the hand you put your soul in can tell,
Do you know what you deserve?
Do you know what you are worth?

Hands laced,
Fingers crossed,
excuses made and dreams are bought.

While I observe you from a distance,
From the shelf, with a blank price tag
I see her throwing you around

Believe me, Darling, when I say:
New toys are always wanted,
But broken toys gave their hearts away,
without asking for a receipt.

So I ask you one last time,
before you lock away your heart
please …
protect mine.
It’s still taped to your shoe sole,
and my fade name still marked you mine.

But you wouldn’t believe me now,
Maybe one day?
When we meet up
in the lost and never found.

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