Interview with Sing ’it winner Bruno Andries

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How do you feel about the fact that Karen Zoid has recorded your song?

I must be honest, I never expected Karen Zoid to pick this particular song, as I didn’t think it would appeal to her. It therefore came as a great – and very pleasant – surprise when Steyn told me that Karen had picked “Bonnie and Clyde” as the song she wanted to record.

I have great respect for Karen, because she never jumped on the commercial bandwagon and she stayed true to her roots and style while continually growing as an artist.

It is obviously a great privilege to make my official debut as songwriter with the stamp of approval of an artist of Karen Zoid’s calibre.

Why do you think your entry stood out?

To me, a good song must tell a story, or express feelings or thoughts. To use a cliché, I try to paint a picture with words. Because I write in English, Afrikaans, French and Dutch, and in a great number of different styles, I don’t follow a strict format or recipe. I stick to the traditional format of verse and chorus (and repeating the same line seven times is not a chorus in my book).

The songs I write are a cross between an essay, short story and poem, and I try to incorporate the musical elements of rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, etc in the words.

What is the song about?

I just had some fun with the title and theme of the movie.

I suppose the result is a love song with a twist, which deals with the strong bond and attraction between two people living on the edge, but not necessarily ending in the same way as the movie. It also depicts the complexity of women and love in a playful way.

Where and how did you write the song?

I wrote “Bonnie and Clyde” in 2010 after I watched a repeat broadcast of the classical Bonnie and Clyde movie. I made a note of the title on a notepad with possible ideas and titles for songs, which I always keep in the drawer of my night-stand.

The following day I started to have some fun with the title and I wrote the chorus first, starting with the last line and working backwards. I then started to fill in the gaps, combining some fact and fiction with a good dose of humour. And, luckily, I decided to enter the song for the Sing ’it competition.


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