"I wana know" by Jacobus Engelbrecht

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I wana know

Day 1, you knew I had my eye on you
I fell in love with you on day 2
Day 3, I couldn’t really ask for more
Then you started to change on day 4
You stopped saying the things you used to say
You stopped doing the thing you used to do
Then one day out of the blue
you walked out and took my heart with you

I wanna know just how the hell you did it
I wanna know just how you stole my heart
I wanna know why you broke it
I wanna know why you tore me apart

Now I sit here and I think back
to our glory days
I thought our train was on track
until you derailed away
Doctors say they can’t fix me
for what you did to me there is no cure
My name is John and I have a broken heart
and that’s more pain than a man should endure


I don’t know why you did this
How do I get through it?
Baby, give me one more chance
I know I can do it
And If you don’t want to
Guess what, screw it


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