"Here I go again" by Shannon Malgas

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Preferred Band/Artist: BlackByrd

Verse 1:
I love you so much
But you messed me up
Turned me into something
That I am not
Insecure, paranoid
Things I used to avoid
Being a fool, being betrayed
Being hurt, being played.

I'm so done, out the door
I know I've said this before
Then you say that you've changed
You won't hurt me again
And I fall in your arms
Give you one more chance
'Cause each time it is more
Sincere than before

On no, Oh no
Here I go, here I go
Oh no, oh no
Here I go, here I go

Verse 2:
I am hot then I'm cold
I'm messed up in the head
I am weak then I'm bold
I take back what I've said
I love you and then
I hate you again
'Cause I think that you're good
Then I see you haven't changed

You say that you're mine
Don't wanna hear that no more
I really meant it when I said
That I am out the door
But every now and then
I let down my guard
And you swoop in
And I fall hard

Repeat Chorus:

I love you, I need you
I want you, can't live without you
I love you, I need you
I want you, can't live without you
But you're no good for me
You broke my heart continuously
You say that you have changed
But every time its not the case
Though it matters, it don't matter to me
'Cause I just can't bring myself to leave

Repeat Chorus

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