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I thought I heard you say that
we should have breakfast in Dakar before
setting out for a breezy evening in Djibouti, then
have a leisurely walk around the old markets in Marrakesh
to get some fabrics for the reed dance event in Mbabane, and
perhaps spend a short morning in Cabinda before going
to Cairo to dip our fingers in the Nile, before we set out
to compare the teas in Tunis and Tzaneen
Did I hear you correctly, or does my mind only think of geography any time I’m with you?

Also by Babatunde Fagbayibo


Truth dies


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    Abigail George

    I loved this poem for many reasons. Its waxing lyricism, urgency, intuition, geographical assignments, energies, it reminded me of the comforting progress of winter rain, the town where I live and its coastal views, romantic love, and I felt as if the happiness I felt after reading this poem could last forever. Thank you Babatunde Fagbayibo. Don't stop writing.

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